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It’s been a very health and fitness type of week!


Now this isn’t your typical fitness/motivational book. Instead it’s a fitness and motivational book that’s made up of 50% swear words and I LOVE IT.

The author clearly has read way too many celebrity fitness and health books that have conned us into thinking that we can look like them. Bottom line is, they have a crap ton of money, personal trainers and a tolerance for foods that taste like poop.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my food and the premise of this ‘diet‘ is to fast. Intermittent fasting as it’s called comes in three types of plans (which renamed by Max) are,


  • The F***-S*** Up Plan.
  • The Make-Your-F****ing-Mind-Up Plan
  • The Pussy Plan

Now for someone who enjoys humour, this guy has it in buckets. There’s probably not a paragraph in there that doesn’t have any swearing in it. However, by keeping us entertained with his extensive knowledge of profanity, the knowledge given to us is actually being digested. As someone who loves food though, the idea of skipping a meal, feels like a cruel thing to do to yourself. However, once you understand the logic behind it, it actually makes sense.


Max explains that by eating three meals a day, your body is in a constant fed-up state. This means that most of the time we’re eating out of boredom, when sometimes we aren’t actually hungry. By having a period of fasting where you drink just water or black tea/coffee, the body will be focusing on it’s fat stores. The positives of this are that I’ll feel less hungry, I won’t snack as much and I’ll be able to build/retain muscle whilst burning fat.

The Eat Sh*t and Diet book explains the three plans in detail which are suited to different lifestyles and the person taking this health plan. It also covers exercise and types of food to eat and avoid.


If this sounds like your type of book then be sure to buy it from Amazon here for £7.99. The Kindle version is available for just £3.99!




Disclaimer – I was gifted this product for my own honest opinion.


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