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I stumbled across an online treasure trove the other night, thanks to my old buddy, old pal – my partner in crime, Sammy G.

He sent over to me a dodgy looking e-mail that claimed I had 75% off my first order on a website called JustFab. Ha. Likely story.

Definitely thought it was a scam and the Griffster had gotten hacked. Jokes.

BUT – Look at these bad boys.


And how much did they cost me? £14.45 – which includes postage and packaging.

I mean, you can’t really get much better than that.

The shoes arrived in ample time and came in a baby pink branded JustFab box. These shoes are usually £35 but for first timers to the site, you can get your first pair for 75% off the original price tag. My bargain senses are tingling right now…

Once you make your first order, you become a VIP member which gives you access to exclusive deals and a chance to build up points and you know what that means?! Points mean prizes.

Close up of embroidery

I’m genuinely impressed by these shoes and they have this gorgeous floral embroidery along the outsides of each boot. I’ve been wanting something embroidered in my wardrobe for a while so this is certainly a good start! The heel is thick in width for comfort and the sole is sturdy. I find that I’m very heavy footed so hopefully this shoe will withstand my elephant feet.

The only slight issue I’d raise is that these are a Size 8 but do feel slightly tight around the middle of my feet. It’s not majorly uncomfortable but they’re sadly boots that I wouldn’t be able to wear out all day. (A 9am-5pm shift would be just about bearable) So I’d make sure to perhaps order a size up if you are considering buying footwear. Either that or it’s just my wide feet that’s causing the problem.

The rest of the clothing they have on offer though is amazing and I would definitely buy again, especially as you’re rewarded with points each time you buy.


If you love these shoes, then grab yourself a pair here.

UPDATE – Please be wary that they do charge you a subscription of £35 a month if you don’t buy anything on their website but this is turned into a credit which allows you to buy anything for £35. You can continue membership but skip the fee before the 6th of each month if there’s nothing that catches your eye.

What do you think about JustFab? Let me know in the comments below.

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