Highs & Lows | Week 9

I’ve just touched down from a glorious five-day holiday in sunny France and I’ve picked up my laptop with fresh eyes after having a digital detox. Yes, I did pick up my phone on a few occasions to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix (which I’m now hooked on) and to take a casual look at my e-mails but it was such a refreshing experience to just relax and not have to be attached to my blog or my phone. 

Girls posing

Highs ↑

A ‘House Family‘ Getaway

Myself, Sam and Sean all went over to France last Wednesday for a holiday at Sean’s parents. They’ve now retired and moved their lives over to a rustic paradise near Limoges. It’s everything I’d love to have when I retire because it’s so peaceful.

Digital Detox

Like I mentioned above, going away without my laptop was amazing. It was great to actually spend time doing lots of exercise from kayaking to the adventure park where we climbed obstacles in the trees. We did lots of drinking, chatting and I even learnt how to play Poker.

Lows ↓

Little Friends

So we’ve suffered a few infestations in our current residence and because it’s a suitable location to live in and I didn’t personally want to spend another deposit on a flat because hey it’s London and it’s SO EXPENSIVE, we’ve put up with it. However, our recent friends have been the soft-shelled cockroach and they’ve been a pain! The flat was fumigated whilst we were away so hopefully, this solves the problem.

What have your highs & lows been?!