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Keeping up a social life on top of my blogging and a full-time job is pretty difficult. Most of my friends I only see every so often and I feel that sometimes I’m sacrificing too much of my time and not connecting with people enough. And connection is so important that I’ve spoken about it numerous times on my blog. London especially can be pretty lonely, even though it’s the capital city of the UK, I believe many Londoners would probably agree with me on this. 

Pal AppOrganising said social life can be pretty hard when yourself and everyone else is extremely busy with their own lives. Nowadays, apps and digital technology in general has become a useful tool to make our lives that little bit easier. Pal is a new app that has been developed to help people connect and make new friends nearby by creating and joining in on activities set out by yourself or by other users.

For example, if I had planned to go see a film or go to the gym (ha!), I could put out a request to see if anyone wanted to join me. So it’s a little bit like a dating app but for friendship. You can also make it an easy way of setting up an event with friends or big groups. Many of us tend to be forgetful so it’s great to have a platform where everyone can see and be notified of events coming up so they don’t double book themselves.

Pal is a way of connecting our busy lives together so that we don’t forget that our friends do exist and err they need some attention too. I think it’s a great way of getting oneself out to meet other people too especially if you are living in a new area (like myself) or if you’re current friends are too busy to hang out. The app is easy to use and it’s safety features puts you in control, specifying who you want to be contacted by.

With a new apartment to furnish, a full-time business (my blog) to run, a full-time job and the small matter of a wedding to plan, having an app like Pal would be a great help to make use of the small time I have available. The Pal app is available on Android and Apple and is completely free to use which means you don’t have to spend anything so winner winner chicken dinner.

I’ll be setting up an account myself and trialing it over the next few weeks so be sure to follow me on Instagram, to hear more about it on my Insta stories. Also I’ve found myself using stories a lot recently on my Instagram to chat about upcoming collaborations, product reviews and daily life so be sure to give me a cheeky follow (please because Insta’s algorithm is shit).

So what are you waiting for? Download the app and let me know if you end up using it in the comments below.

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