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It’s a beauty lover’s dream mirror and I am pretty obsessed. It’s a shame that this bathroom cabinet isn’t actually in my own place. Yep, I got this sent straight to my parent’s place because unfortunately for me, renting my flat doesn’t include putting anything on the walls. SOB!

Lumino specialises in a variety of chic, illuminated mirrors and cabinets that include battery operated options for easy installation and less mess than knocking through walls and re-wiring. Initially, I showed off just the mirrors to my mum, who was very excited to be receiving something that I’d acquired through blogging.

My parents have been living in their recent house since I moved out to university. I never got the opportunity to ‘move out‘ of the old house with my parents so this place didn’t feel like home until probably the second Christmas spent there with the family. Over the years, my parents have been buying things for the house and I knew that something like this would benefit them. The mirrors on Lumino are very modern, sleek and on trend. There’s no bulkiness to them and the lighting didn’t look too harsh on their website. They’d recently launched the LED range which again is very ‘in‘ at the moment and there’s a mixture of spot , framed and paneled lighting to choose from.

The bathroom cabinets from Lumino really surprised me. When my mum picked out the bathroom cabinet, I immediately thought that it might look a little tacky and that the shelving might not be stable. We decided to go with the Tremolo LED Battery Cabinet and when I came up to see my parents the other weekend, I was proved wrong.

What I love about this cabinet is how well made it is. The cabinet itself is made out of powder coated steel which means it won’t rust and it’s finished in a ice-white colour that blends effortlessly into the wall. It’s fixed onto the wall in a way that leaves no gap which I think gives it a more professional finish. The cabinet door actually closes by itself, although if anything could be added, I would have had a slight groove in the cabinet door to make opening it, easier.

For £89.99, it’s certainly worth the money and with the added extra of the adjustable shelving, it’s a versatile storage space that requires no extra maintenance other than replacing the batteries when they run out!

*Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion. All words are my own.

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