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Since getting a hamper full of wedding themed goodies from our best friends, I’ve suddenly become very conscious of just HOW MUCH PLANNING there is when it comes to a wedding. Yes, it’s basically just one big party but it’s a party that requires SO many details. So many details. Now that we’ve told everyone, I’m already getting totally ahead of myself – much to Sam’s terror – and I’ve already organised the way I’ll be asking the bridesmaids if they would like to be my bridesmaids!

Wedding MagazinesAnother thing that I’ve been thinking about is the bridesmaid’s dresses. 

Yes, I get it, I’m probably not going to get married for another 2-3 years but this girl has to plan otherwise I’ll leave everything till the very last minute. So even if this is a little premature, it’s good for me because it relieves any anxiety I may have about planning this thing and it’s also good to have this ready for when I actually need it. I also think it’s nice to be able to share my thoughts and ideas for those who regularly read my blog.

Picking a bridesmaid dress is a difficult one because your bridesmaids are not likely to be all the same shape or same size. Colour is also important because certain colours might look good on one person but then completely wash out another. I want my bridesmaids to be as comfortable as I want to feel. 



Bridesmaids DressesChristina Wu | Tidetell | Coast

Pinterest has now become my best friend. There are endless pages of bridesmaid dress ideas and I had no problem finding varying lengths of dresses. I spotted these three that I instantly took a liking to. I think floor length dresses on bridesmaids are much more of a wintery option.

Our initial plans would be to have the wedding around Summer, so something which shows off the legs a little more is perfect. 

I love the daring slit cut of the Christina Wu dress. I think it’s different and not something I’ve seen on bridesmaid dresses before. The Asymmetrical shape of the dresses in the middle is something that I really like.

It’s not fitted and more free-flowing so it would likely suit everyone’s shape. The last one is actually a combo top and skirt. I loved the length of the skirt because it isn’t too long or too short. The length would also show off the stunning footwear I’d be putting them in.


Bridesmaid SleevesOne Shoulder Maxi Dress | Bridal Fashion | Emerald V-Shape Dress

The top half of the dress is probably the trickiest because we’re all differently endowed. Some of us are big and some of us are small. I know that a sweetheart neckline would mean potential flashing for me and my boobs. I love the one shoulder option because it keeps the bad boys in place whilst maintaining some shape to the top. 

I also love the V-Shaped neckline because it has the traditional two straps whilst keeping everything in place. It also works for every cup size. The other option is to just have a mixture of styles which I also like the idea of but then I also like things being uniform and consistent so…. 



Bridesmaid Dress ColoursColours can really make or break a dress on a bridesmaid. The shape and fit could be perfect but the colour could clash with the woman in it. Coast have some gorgeous light pink numbers like the one on the left. I love the pastel colours and I think it’s very much on trend with a lot of weddings at the moment. 

I think I’m swayed towards burgundy because of my Auntie’s wedding way back when I was a child. I love the deep colour and I think it looks so good against a white dress. I also love the dark regal blue as it’s something a little different and one colour I wouldn’t have thought I’d prefer.



When it comes to material, I do like chiffon. I think it’s the one material that feels comfortable to wear for long periods of time and would fit nicely with any style of a bridesmaid dress. Satin to me feels a little out of fashion now and would probably be quite heavy and annoying.

What do you think of my choices? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Coast. All words are my own.


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