Pamper Night | with Mira Showers


A few weeks ago I was invited to a pamper night with Mira Showers. They were promoting their new range and wanted to encourage us to enhance our everyday routines.

Mira MomentsI never used to use any bath or shower products in my daily routines, which is crazy I know. Now though, with the advice given to me by Mira, I’ve incorporated a few additions to my morning and evening routines that I thought I’d include with you.


I decided that bath times should be about relaxing and that means lights off and candles out. When it comes to the change in weather, Autumn and Winter make me want all of the baths. I bathe a lot more in the colder months and therefore having a good storage of candles will help with lifting my mood and creating the perfect ambiance.


Essential Oils

I cannot tell you enough, how good essential oils are in the bathtub and in the shower. I love using bath oils because they infuse the bath water in this heavenly scent which remains on your skin for the rest of the day. The same goes for when I’m in the shower, a few drops of lavender oil rubbed over my skin helps relax my mind and makes getting to sleep much easier.

Essential Oils

Music/Reading Material

A good playlist or book can really make your bath time extra special. I love soaking in a bath for as long as possible. If this means getting out of the bath and looking like a shriveled prune, I’m OK with it. Creating a bath-time playlist or having your favourite book by the bathtub is a must.


There’s nothing quite like having a fluffy dressing gown to wrap yourself up in after coming out of a bath or shower. During the Winter, stepping out of the shower into a cold room makes me want to just crawl back into the warmth of my bed. Now, I have this gorgeous white dressing gown that will keep me super snug whilst I’m doing my makeup in the morning or doing my blogging during the evening.

Bath Robes

Post-Bathing Lotions

And last but not least is my lotions and potions. I’ve surprised myself by improving on my morning and nighttime skincare routines, so much so that I’ve started using body lotions after bathing. A top tip is to put the body lotion bottle in the bath or shower with you so when applying it, it’s warm and not freezing cold. I’ve been using The Organic Shop‘s Vanilla Whipped Body Cream which is a luxurious cream that smells like vanilla yogurt. So yummy that I kind of want to taste it.

How do you enhance your daily shower and bath routines? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was invited to this event. I wasn’t obligated to write a review. All words are my own.


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