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Holiday Face Masks | TK Maxx

Before I jetted off on holiday, I wanted to make sure I had all the beauty products I needed including heat spray and sunscreen. I got these but I also stumbled upon an assortment of face masks whilst in TK Maxx and I thought to myself, yes…this girl’s getting her pamper on.

Face MasksThese bad boys were so cheap it was practically criminal. They are all from the Purederm range, which I feel as though I’ve seen before but never tried. I got their Avocado Collagen Mask, the Charcoal Peel Off Mask and the iconic Bubble Mask. I was most excited for the Bubble Mask because ya know…I wanted my face to look like a freaking cloud.

First up was the Avocado Collagen Mask which I used whilst we stayed at BLOC Hotel the night before our flight. I knew that I wanted to start with this one in order to give my skin the best possible start on holiday. 

Avocado MaskThe mask is infused with Collagen and Vitamin E to help restore moisture and refreshes tired skin. The collagen also helps improve skin’s firmness and the Avocado works towards giving the skin a nice glow. The mask is also made out of natural pulp material which retains more of the moisture than other synthetic masks do.

The mask felt very light on my skin and was soaked with plenty of the product. My skin definitely appeared healthier and had less of a dull appearance immediately after and the next morning. 

Halfway through our trip in Morocco and after a long day in Marrakesh, the next evening I slapped on the Bubble Mask. Now this one was the most fun but it was also the only one I had a problem with. 

Bubble Mask PackagingBubble Mask on faceNow my skin tends to be pretty sensitive when it comes to less natural face masks. This one, although hilarious and you have to admit, I make a great cloud, certainly had various ingredients to make the product bubble. And because it irritated my skin, I didn’t really notice a difference other than it felt tacky.

Before flying back to the UK, I was eager to finish off with the charcoal peel off mask. During a holiday, we tend to wear a lot of sunscreens and perhaps makeup in the evening. Therefore even after removing my makeup at night, it doesn’t feel clean. I’ve used a blackhead extraction paste before and this one looked exactly like that. It’s pretty painful to peel off so when I applied this one all over my face, I instantly regretted it.

Surprisingly though, the mask didn’t seep into my pores so when I pulled it off, it didn’t rip out any hairs on my face or skin for that matter. I was happy with the results and also pleased that I’d applied it all over my face.

I’m definitely going back to TK Maxx soon to stock up on some face masks. They’re great value for money and I loved the Avocado and Charcoal Peel Off mask the most.

Which face masks have you tried before? Let me know in the comments below.


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