How To Have A Cosy Night In This Christmas


We’ve become a nation of boxaholics, a Netflix and binge society. And you know what? I FREAKING LOVE IT. There’s nothing better than having a cosy night in, curling up on the sofa with your latest binge-worthy series and a cheeky glass of wine. 

Around Christmas time, I love enjoying nights spent watching the telly with loved ones. It’s much better than being out in the cold and freezing ya baps off.

Red Tartan Sofa

Country Home & Interiors – Credit to Tim Young

We all have our own ways of making the ultimate cosy night in. I thought I’d share with you mine and perhaps give you some inspiration for your next binge-induced, drowning in throws, night in.


It’s all about the atmosphere

Setting the atmosphere for your night in is something you should do as soon as you get in. Spoil yourself by putting the heating on full blast. If you have side table lamps in your room or living room, whack them on instead of any ceiling or wall lights that might be too bright or harsh on the eyes.

Music is food for the soul so unwind by playing a few festive tracks, keep it mellow and on low so you can relax.


Decorate your sofa with plush cushions

Your sofa is a part of your life. You’ll spend many hours with your bum smushed on a sofa so it has to be perfect. A sofa that’s perfect for lounging should come with an assortment of scatter cushions of varying sizes. Make sure to invest in a few festive cushion covers so that you can switch them over for the festive season.


Light a bunch of candles

Candles are a Winter staple and if you don’t own a candle, then GO GET ONE. A few recommendations are of course Yankee Candles, I recently got one from Brinley which is a Cinnamon Spiced scent and smells divine. I also personally recommend Roots Candles because these are natural candles made out of beeswax and burn for hours. They also don’t produce that worrying black soot around the inside of the candle holder.

Selection of candles

Credit to The Future Kept

Invest in several throws

Ever since throws have entered my life, I kind of well – live in them. My favourite one is a cream one made out of the softest material I’ve ever felt and it was from Wilkos. A bargain at £10. Throws make you feel super cosy and if you can’t afford to turn the heating on then this is the perfect alternative. A few places that do amazing throws are Urban Outfitters, Zara Home and John Lewis


Get into your comfy clothes

Whether this a onesie, a fluffy flannel robe or a silk pyjama set, jump into your nightwear so you can feel completely settled. I love wearing my fluffy white robe that I got at a blogger event and my UGG slippers. So branded.


Buy ALL of the junk food

A cosy night in is not complete without a feast to keep you permanently fixed on that sofa all evening. I love Doritos with some of my homemade guacamole and salsa. M&Ms – the crunchy ones –  are my favourite and a 1.5ltr bottle of coke is just all of the unhealthy but so good!

What makes a cosy night in for you? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with GlossyHome. All words are my own.




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