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When taking photos around the BBC Good Food Show (Summer in the City), I was thinking about the photo that would take pride of place at the beginning of this blog. I think the choice that I made is certainly fitting for this occasion. I told myself this year that amongst lots of bucket list opportunities one would be to attend more live events. I tried my luck and pitched myself to several shows that are being held at London Excel this year and low and behold I was given access to this show as a BLOGGER! I actually had to make my way over to the Press section of the registration desk. I tried to act super professional but inside I was screaming. I feel like my blog has really progressed since I began to invest more time into it in September 2015. It’s now approaching the summer and it will soon be celebrating it’s first birthday. Well actually it’s older than that but as a professional blogger, September 2015 was definitely where things got serious.

The BBC Good Food Show runs events throughout the year in various locations and if you have read my previous blog (if not click here), you’ll know what I was going to expect at the show and who was going to be there!

I arrived at the show for around 12ish and was pretty surprised to see it so busy. I’ve worked so many of these shows on stands and normally the first day is pretty tame but it was intense. Obviously the show has become extremely popular as most stands had a large handful of people gathered around them. The show at the Excel wasn’t as big as the one at Olympia, however that made it a little more intimate and it therefore didn’t feel like you were missing out on any stands or live demonstrations. The only separate event was the Supertheatre, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to go in.

I did however get a snap of the legend that is Davina McCall. I’ve grown up watching her on television, so it was a little surreal seeing her in the flesh. She’s such a down to earth woman, kind and extremely funny. You can tell when someone is genuinely happy to be talking at these shows and she definitely was one of them.

The selection of food was certainly appealing to the food monster in me. There was a lot of gluten free products which I think is much more applicable to the current health of our society. There’s a lot more people nowadays diagnosing intolerances that they may have thought weren’t an intolerance before, so it’s nice to see that more and more companies are offering alternatives. One theme that I’ve seen growing recently is the few stands that are offering insects up as healthy snacks…Well I suppose one day we’re going to run out of meat, so there’s going to have to be an alternative. Crickets anyone?!

Just Bee was one of my favourites from the whole show. They make honey water – yeah stay with me for a minute. Honey water was created by a father and son who wanted to create a healthier drink than all the sugary drinks on the market but also a tastier alternative to the dreaded coconut water. This drink honestly tastes so good and it’s just 49 calories and is a great alternative to sugar as it’s made with honey. YUM!

As a blogger, I wanted to use this event to meet new people, new brands and hopefully get the chance to network and potentially work with some of these brand in the future. I’d like to thank the BBC Good Food Show for giving me this opportunity and make sure you keep an eye out for other events I’ll be attending in the near future. My adventures as a Press/Blogger at events are not over yet!

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