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Daily Goal Setting | with Mål Paper

Being organised when working from home has its swings and roundabouts for me. Sometimes, I’m really productive, and then other times, I’m really not. I got sent a Daily Goal Setter by Mål Paper. There’s really nothing more satisfying than receiving something like this and starting off on the first page with excitement and determination. And even though I’ve been using it now for a few weeks, I’m still actively using it to set out daily tasks, regardless of whether I get them done or not.

Daily Goal Setter*This post contains gifted content.

I really struggle with procrastinating and with Sam being in the apartment all the time, it can be hard to switch off from what’s going on around me. With that being said though, I feel as though I’m certainly becoming more focused than I was before. I’ve gotten out of the depressive rut that I was in during my lockdown and I’m finally getting used to this new way of living. I’m working hard to get my Tiktok profile off the ground as well as making sure that I’m building on my Instagram, YouTube Channel and not forgetting my two blogs – yes I’m working on a lot. That’s why I need to have organisation and I need to be on the ball and motivated to do the work. Otherwise, I’m going to just drop everything and be super un-productive.

The planner has a monthly calendar to put any important goals or dates to remember but the majority of the planner itself is laid out to write down you’re tasks for the day, three things you’re grateful for and daily affirmations. I find these to be a great way of getting me motivated and ready for the day ahead. When it comes to my to-do list, it’s always going to be on-going so even if I get a few tasks done in the day, it’s progress. I spend so much time trying to put myself down for not doing enough that it actually ends up being counter-productive.

Mal Paper Daily Goal Setter

Littered throughout the planner are inspirational sayings and quotes. The one above is one that stood out to me because it’s so true. You’re never too old to set yourself another goal or dream and I’m a big believer that you can do anything that you put your mind too. I know that I want to make my blog and social media influence as big as possible in order to continue to work from home and to live a life of self-employment. I’m not meant to do the 9-5 job, so this is definitely something I’m in for the long-haul.

For £21.95, you’re definitely getting a year’s worth of daily planning and it’s in the form of a lovely notebook. It’s something that I’ll probably take with me on trips from now on as it’s easy to have in my handbag. Overall, it’s something that’s really helpful for me to have in order to stay organised with my work on a daily basis, especially as things get more hectic.

Gratitude Journal

Mål Paper also features a few other products within their shop including a daily and weekly tasks planner pad. It’s worth checking out the range and I certainly think I’ll be grabbing myself another daily goal setter notebook once I’ve ran out of space on this one. It’s just a lovely book to use and to display on my office desk.

Mål Paper have very kindly given my readers the opportunity to get 15% off their next order so if you fancy getting yourself a daily goal setter, use the code BRSPECIAL15 at the checkout.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Mål Paper. All words are my own.


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