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Delivering Your Own Products This Christmas

Creating your own products to sell is one of the best feelings in the world. Being able to make something yourself and share it with the world is an honour and always puts a smile on your face. If you are a small business based at home and are looking to sell your wares in time for Christmas this year; you need to consider your shipping and delivery. Shipping products can be a challenge if you have never done it before but today we want to talk you through the simple steps to take to deliver your own products to customers this winter.

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Find good packaging material

The first thing to consider before delivering your own products is what you will package them in. When working with something small or delicate it is important to get yourself some bubble wrap or small packaging beans to cushion the product in transit. You also need to think about finding a box that is secure and strong enough to package your product safely even overseas. Be sure that you take the time to find the right packaging for your products and if you aren’t sure what to use ask and find out.


Wrap it up tight

When packaging your product for sale it is important for you to wrap the product up tight and make sure there are so spaces for it to move. If your product has the chance to move around in the packaging this can be a risk and it may get damaged during transit. Pack it up tight and make sure it is completely secure because the last thing you want is for your masterpiece to be ruined before it gets to your customers.


Add a business card

One thing you should always consider doing when you are packaging a homemade product is adding a personal stamp with a business card. Even if you are a home-based business making your crafts more as a hobby it is important for you to put a little business card into the product to tell them who you are and invite them to look you up on social media or get in touch. It is a personal touch but will also hopefully give you some free marketing if the customer gives your card to a family member or friend.


Consider eBay

It is important now to decide where you will sell your items and how you will deliver them to your customers. You can consider joining eBay to sell your wares singularly or even Amazon if you are working on a larger scale. When learning to manage eBay deliveries it is important to consider how much you are selling and whether you can use your local post office or whether you’ll need a shipping service instead.


Ensure low shipping price

When shipping products across the world there are more options than you think. You don’t simply have to use the postal service – you have the opportunity to try different couriers because you may save a lot of money.

Take in these tips on delivering your own products and sell your wares this Christmas for success. Do you own your own business? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. This post has been pre-written.


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