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Romantic Xmas Gift Ideas You’ll Love

Stuck on gift ideas to give to your partner? Here are a few romantic xmas gift ideas that could be the perfect solution.

Beauty Christmas Gift Guide*This is a collaborative post.

A love pendant

A necklace with a personalised pendant on it is a good example of romantic xmas gift ideas. This could be a locket with a photo in it. It could be a pendant with a personalised engraved message on it. It could even be a pendant with a birthstone in it. There are many bespoke jewellers online that may be able to construct the perfect personalised love pendant for you.


Couples robe set

You could treat yourself and your partner to a matching couples bathrobe set. These robes could have ‘him’ and ‘her’ on or they could have personalised names or initials on. Such robes could be great for lounging about in on a lazy winter morning.


Surprise flowers

If you’re not going to be with your partner over the Christmas period or they’re going to be working, you could send flowers to them as a surprise gift – either to their address or to their workplace. This could be accompanied by a personalised message. Such a romantic gesture is certain to be appreciated.


A photo storybook

Photographs can be a beautiful way of sharing memories. Using photographs taken throughout your relationship, you could compose a photo storybook of the two of you. These could be stuck into a scrapbook, allowing you to also scribble messages and glue in souvenirs. This guide offers more advice on creating your own romantic photo storybook.


An invitation for a date night

A date night could be the perfect gift for helping you to spend some one-on-one time with another. This could be a meal out, a trip to the zoo, a romantic day out at the beach, or a romantic meal at home-cooked by you. A playful way to present this gift could be as a personalised paper invitation. There are custom card invitation templates that you can find online to design and create your own date invitation.


Spa treatment hamper

If your partner could do with some relaxation time, you could consider putting together your own spa treatment hamper for them. This could contain an array of bath bombs, soaps, skincare products, scented candles, and other products picked out by you. You can find cheap hamper baskets, fillers, and ribbons online for creating your hamper.


A boozy gift bucket

If your partner likes their drinks, an alternative option could be to put together a boozy gift bucket. This could be an array of drinks served in an ice bucket. For wine lovers, you could consider buying a range of miniature wine bottles. For beer lovers, you could pick out lots of different unique bottles of beer. You could also throw in some miniature bottles of spirits. Offer a range of different drinks to make it feel like they’ve got their very own minibar.

What do you think of these romantic xmas gift ideas? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. This post has been pre-written.


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