Stupid Half-Term, Late Lunches And A Last Minute Trip Home!

I DIDN’T GET TO SEE THE POPPIES! I’m so upset. And you know why I didn’t get to see the poppies? Because it’s stupid half-term so every man, woman and child is out and about in London. 

Obviously not my photo….BECAUSE I WASN’T THERE! ):

I am determined to see these poppies before they get taken away. It’s such a beautiful sight…if I actually manage to see it. So today, I met up with Sam’s mum as she was down in London and we met at Hays Galleria which is a beautiful courtyard-esque area where there’s a few shops and cafes dotted around as well as some really cute trinket shops that are placed on old fashioned carts. It’s super cute and if you’re ever on the Thames path it’s literally just by the HMS Belfast Ship, which I thought to myself when I saw it today, whether you can actually go on it? Is that a thing? I’ve never checked to see if it’s possible.

I ended up waiting for Sam’s mum at Pret A Manger and I got chatting to this lovely guy whom I talked about my acting career with and turns out he tried at being a actor himself. He noticed my strong will and passion when I talked about acting and gave me his number as he said he had contacts in Dubai. Obviously I’m not stupid and won’t be hopping on a plane to Dubai but it’s nice to have a contact like that just in case it turns out to be something genuine!

Me and Liz (Sam’s mum) went to Giraffe for a late lunch in Russell Square and we’d stumbled upon a small shopping centre area. It was nice to go round the shops and check out all the lovely shops with their christmas decorations/winter wear inside! It got me all festive! Also we went to Starbucks in the morning and got the pumpkin spiced latte which is AMAZING! It tastes so good and it’s the perfect drink to feel all christmassy!

After I got back, I basically got the best news in the world. The pantomime rehearsals that were meant to be taking place in Aber are now going to be in Stoke. THIS MEANS I GET TO GO HOME FOR THE WEEKEND. I’m literally so excited, plus I could change my Mega Bus tickets instead of losing out on any money! I’m really looking forward to seeing the family as I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday with them. Of course I will miss out on seeing my friends in Aberystwyth but I’m sure I will be there to see them soon.

Finally, I popped into Superdrug today and I actually found some of Zoella’s beauty range, but there was no fizz bar that I was wanting to try. However I spotted this in Superdrug and if anyone wants to get me this you know, for my birthday and all, I think I’d love you forever.

The most beautiful make-up bag ever.

I also brought a few beauty products to which I will provide the links to below!

Smell ya later!

Natalie-Ann x

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Vitamin E Leave-On Moisture Mask (This wasn’t on the Superdrug website, perhaps it’s a new product).

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