Replacement Rail Services And Amazon Gift Card.

Don’t you just love replacement rail services? I do. Especially on a Sunday when you just want to get to work, let the day go by and go home. Due to my lack of knowledge and not looking at the notice boards during the week at Crayford Station, there was going to be a replacement rail service in the form of a bus. This was due to engineering works going on at Crayford Station. You know, I think I definitely moved down to London at the wrong time – I seem to have moved  down right in the middle of all these big planned changes to the railway system!

Although I did get chatting to a lovely older woman who was visiting the Poppies at Tower Bridge today with her husband. It got me a little homesick as I’m missing my family and in this case, it made me miss my Nana and Granddad. But wait for it…what’s exciting is that I’m meeting up with Sam’s mum tomorrow and we are going to see the Poppies! I’m so excited as I heard from someone today that it was absolutely crammed there, so hopefully it won’t be too busy when we go tomorrow. I’ve only seen pictures of it on the television and in the paper but it’s so much more breath-taking to see something like this in all it’s colourful glory.

Today I finally got my Amazon Gift Card at work. I won it as part of an Award that is given out every month for staff members who get voted basically, as top team members and I won for July! So there was a little bit of a delay, but I’m so chuffed to have gotten it because on my way home (after having to get another rail replacement bus) I ordered not one set of Real Technique brushes but two sets! For £26 (£25 of that was Amazon Gift Card) I managed to get two sets! YES!

I’m so excited to start using them when they arrive, hopefully by Tuesday as I signed up for the free Amazon Prime Trial which offers free next day delivery. RESULT! I’ve also managed to shift a couple of dates around in work so that I can get my professional head shots done with a photographer who I’ll mention in my blog on the day of my photo shoot. I also realised that my contract for my Samsung Galaxy Note ll runs out on November 12th, so I managed to book that day off. I was hopefully going to end my contract with the infamous Phones4U and find a new contract somewhere to get the IPhone 6 Plus. It’s turned out to be a really positive day after the result of a few crappy ones. That’s life for you!

I think I’m going to do a little segment on these Real Techniques brushes though in one of my video blogs in a couple of week’s times. Maybe an initial review of how I’m finding the brushes. I might even put a blog up on here in a couple of week’s with a proper visual tutorial of how to properly clean your make-up brushes, instead of just one without pictures.

Night all!

Natalie-Ann x

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