Talking Breaking Bad And Travelling Home!

It’s been a very hectic week so far at work because of half-term. My voice is knackered, my feet are constantly throbbing and I’m so tired! I really didn’t want to get up this morning for my 9am shift. I had to get up for 7.30am so I could get changed and have my breakfast. I hopped on the train at 8.52am and managed to get a seat but boy did it fill up fast. I was joining the hard-core London workers who do this sort of thing every day. It’s certainly not for me! 

BTW this blog won’t have any photos until later as I’m writing this on the bus. Typical.

So anyway, it was super busy again today. Luckily there were some really nice people about and I got chatting to this lovely family who I believe may have been German about Breaking Bad. For those of you who have never seen Breaking Bad (the netflix series) then I URGE you to watch it. I would have never considered watching it if Sean hadn’t suggested watching it the weekend I went down to London before moving down. OMG it’s just incredible. The acting is superb and out of this world. I love how the plot alters your opinions about the characters. In one episode you may love one character and then hate them in the next episode. It had so many plot twists and turns that at times left me open-mouthed. 

One of the boys happened to be wearing a Heisenberg T-Shirt with his face on it, I didn’t just randomly starting talking to them. Oh hey guys, so Breaking Bad! Thoughts?! The t-shirt was actually on a boy that was WAY to young to be watching it but his mum was lovely saying he only brought the t-shirt for the design as he doesn’t watch it. He does however watch Game of Thrones….Hmm.

I mentioned to them, who didn’t realise, that there was in fact a sixth season in the works and a spin off show involving Saul, who is the bent lawyer. I think it should be out soon so I’m really looking forward to that! In other news, I’m just sat on the Mega Bus with another smelly toilet. What is it with bus toilets and people using them like their own?! No consideration whatsoever to those on the bus with no windows to open…

Even though I’m complaining about the toilets, I’m still loving this sort of travel. It’s so cheap and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be! I’m so excited to be coming home to see my familt, especially as it was such a surprise to realise that panto rehearsals had moved from Aberystwyth to Stoke! I’m going birthday shopping tomorrow with my mammy and I’m desperate for some oatcakes so hopefully mammy will take me there 😉 I’m also just really happy to be spending the weekend at home so that I can enjoy an early birthday with my family. Bliss!

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