Squashed Like Sardines And Love Is An Open Door!

So I read in The Evening Standard this evening, that Londoners are paying high-class prices for sub-class travel. Basically we’re paying a bomb to be squished into a hot, sweaty carriage with no air conditioning. Ironically, as I got on the train that’s exactly what I did. I was stood up for most of the half an hour journey home. I wouldn’t mind if I had a job where I sit at an office desk all day but where I work, you’re constantly on your feet, standing still or moving about. All I want to do when I get on the train is to sit down! We were shouted at by other commuters who were trying to get on the train, but what can we do if we’re already sitting on each other’s laps?! It’s alright lovely, I’ll just go and perch myself on the overhead luggage rails…

What it was like except the carriage was half the size…

I pay £219 A MONTH to spend most of my time waiting for delayed trains, replacement rail services and no chance of a seat on the train until I get to at least Sidcup (FYI, this is more or less near the end of my journey). I think there should definitely be more carriages on some of the services as it’s ridiculous with the amount of people that get on at stations Waterloo East and London Bridge. I keep looking inside the home and property section of the Metro every morning for some cheap deals to move closer to London. Alas, to no avail.

I’m looking forward to going home tomorrow but not looking forward to the 9am start at work. That’s going to be painful, so I’m going to have to get everything I need done, as quickly as possible, so I can go bed early. I got an e-mail regarding the pantomime I’m going to be in and I’m chuffed to find out I’ll be singing Love Is An Open Door as a duet. I’m so excited to get started on this weekend for pantomime. If you don’t already know, I’m appearing as Princess Jasmine in the Christmas Pantomime in Rugeley and it’s a very short time scale in terms of rehearsals. I’m going back home this weekend for two and bit days of rehearsals and then we don’t actually meet back up until the 6th December, where we’ll basically have a refresh of the pantomime, tech and then we’re on stage from the 9th-16th December. It’s a quick turn around to say the least, but I love short deadlines as I find it challenges me more as an actor and pushes me to be more motivated! It’s also the first of my (hopefully) many paid acting jobs on stage!

In other news, the Real Technique brushes are A-MAZING! They are so soft and they flawlessly compliment my appearance, especially when applying my liquid foundation. Instead of my foundation sometimes looking caked on, it’s now more blended in. So..so far, so good!

Enjoy the rest of your evening guys!

Natalie-Ann x

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