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I can still remember all those fond memories of camping in the wilderness, making fires and living off the fat of the land…I actually did none of these things because camping was never really something me and my family did! However, I can certainly tell you about a camping trip with school way back in 2003(ish).

As part of my primary school experience (primary school, those were the days…), we were given the opportunity to travel to Shugborough. Shugborough is an area located in Stafford and I believe the camping area was part of the Shugborough Hall grounds. We probably spent 2-3 days there in total and it included a mixture of activities including sports, map reading and crawling underground in very small spaces (not my favourite activity). The camping trip was probably my first ever trip going away from my family on my own. I remember being both scared for leaving but excited for spending a few days with my friends on my own.

Halford’s Ultimate Guide To Camping, is an informative and helpful guide that should be in the backpacks of every first time camper and even the more seasoned professionals.

One of the most important things that helped me pack for Shugborough was a check list. I hoped that doing a checklist from an early age would enable me to never forget anything. However, we’re all human and I do tend to forget a few things now and again. Therefore having a checklist of all the essentials that you need is probably one of the most important elements before you go camping. The guide has a checklist on the back and includes everything and more that you may forget about taking with you. For the families reading this, it wisely mentions kids games as one of those essentials. Very handy!

The guide includes places where camping is most popular and is great for planning where you’d like to set up camp. Locations include Scotland, the Lake District and Wales to name but a few. It also mentions events taking place in those areas so you’re able to pick a time to go when something cool may be going on. What sets this aside from other guides that just have the general information about locations etc, is the beginner’s tips on purchasing the right tent, ways of keeping the kids entertained and camping recipes. It gives advice on the sought after festival season, providing essential tips and advice for making your camping experience the best it can be. And finally it also gives you an insight into glamping (one I think I’d find more appealing).

If this blog has inspired you to brave the camping world then make sure you check out Halford’s range of tents here.

Happy Camping! (or glamping)

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.

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