Dexter And A New Fashion Blog.

So I’ve started watching Dexter tonight. I’ve been meaning to watch another series since finishing Breaking Bad. I literally have a list forming as long as my arm, of box series I need to watch. As I’m watching this, I’m on my second episode of the first season and I LOVE it! When I first saw this advertised, I thought that he’s a character working at a police force but a killer by night. However he’s working as a blood analyst and killing murders by night. This makes me more sense to me rather than him just killing random people at night. It’s surprisingly comical and I love the character of Dexter. Surprise to say I’m going to be watching a few more tonight!

On another note, I’ve decided to introduce another page to my blog and that will be a ‘Fashion’ themed page. I’m going to aim to post a blog of this sort every week. I’m thinking Mondays as everyone gets the Monday blues so why not perk yourself up a bit by reading about fashion? I’m going to try and aim it towards all aspects of fashion. For example, what Kim Kardashian was spotted in walking around Paris (yes I love the Kardashians) or perhaps the latest fashion trends on the catwalk. I’m hoping that what’ll you get out of it will be entertaining, but also give you ideas of what you’d perhaps like to wear/buy! I’m also going to be honest of outfits I don’t like even if they’re worn by the crem de la crem of fashion stylists.

I’ve started a weekly vlog that will be posted up this Sunday instead of the the usual one on Friday. I decided to do a weekly vlog just because I haven’t done one since Fresher’s Week and I’ve also got a lot going on this week with my birthday, so it should be an eventful one. This blog by the way, is taking ages to write because I’m now addicted to Dexter.

I’m really missing home now. Even though I’ve literally just been back I’ve missed being at home and with my brothers. Being at university is tough not only because of the course and living independently but also because you miss aspects of family life that you don’t necessarily consider when you’re always living at home. Birthdays, swimming badges, work life etc are all the things I missed out on whilst at university. I can’t wait for Christmas to spend some good quality time with my family. I also can’t believe it’s almost been a year already since last Christmas. It literally feels like yesterday.

I have work again tomorrow but hopefully will have some more promotional work coming through over the next couple of weeks which will be good for me, money wise!

Sleep well and have good dreams!

Natalie-Ann x

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