London Fashion Week And A New Housemate!

LONDON FASHION WEEK! The opportunity for people to have an excuse to dress up in the most ridiculous outfits and get away with it. Literally some of the people I saw today, wouldn’t surprise me if they got dressed in the dark.

London Fashion Week Logo

It was my first day back at work today after having an awesome weekend at home. The job I did was pretty much what I did at Spring Fair so it was pretty boring but it was interesting to be at this event for the first time. Especially as it took place at Somerset Hall which is a beautiful venue and one which I’d never visited before. There were so many different styles of people (some with good fashion taste, others with debatable taste) and the time that I had free, I used to look around at all the beautiful jewellery and handbags on display in my area.

After finishing up at the promotional job, I met Hannah and Maria at Starbucks for coffee and a catch up. That’s right folks, my beautiful friend Maria has moved down to London and she’s moved into our house! It’s so exciting having another person in the house, it makes it seem much more cosy and busy which I love! We celebrated the move in with Sean grabbing a cheeky bubbly. We’re so excited to start a new adventure and I wish my gorgeous friend the best of luck with moving to the big city.


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