A VERY Busy Weekend.

I apologise greatly for not posting up a blog for the past couple of days. I know some of you look forward to reading my blogs every day (or so I’m told by some of you).

Anyway, these past couple of days have been so intense. As you know I’ve been in Stoke-on-Trent (my hometown) rehearsing for Pantomime. I’ve literally not had time to see anyone else other than my family, which I’m gutted about as I did want to try and see Evie before I left but I just didn’t have any time to actually spare. The rehearsals for the Pantomime have been so much fun but there’s just been so much to learn that I’m exhausted from it all. I loved that we have been thrown into a weekend of intense rehearsals and it felt so good to be getting back into a rehearsal room, which I’ve missed. I’m so lucky to have been given this opportunity and I’m very thankful for all those involved. I hope some of you guys reading will be able to make it to see the show as it should be a good one. Cheesy and full of happy endings. What more could you want out of life?

So this morning I spent some time with my Nan and Grandad before heading off to the train station to get my train to Birmingham. We had a lovely brunch, consisting of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, beans and of course OATCAKES! We also had some pickled onions. Odd, yes but certainly tasty! It was also probably the biggest jar of pickled onions I had ever seen. It’s a pity I didn’t take a photo.

After I waved my grandparents and Alfie goodbye, Mum text’d me a few minutes later saying that her and Dad had come over to work to say goodbye but because I got an earlier train than planned, they missed me! I was gutted. 


After getting to Birmingham, I got onto the good ol’ Mega Bus too get back to London. There was the most foul-mouthed person though on the bus back. He would answer the phone and every other line would have a swear word in it. I think he was drunk as well as he kept slurring his words and talking very slowly. Weirdo.

Anyway, I’ve gotten home safely and decided that for this week’s vlog I’m doing a daily one because I haven’t done one in a while and with this week being a little bit busier than other weeks,  I thought why not! It’s my birthday this week also so I’m super excited to celebrate the fact I’m 22. NOT.

Also I got the best surprise when I got in this evening. A postcard from my best friend Charlie! If you don’t know her personally, she’s appeared in a few of my daily vlogs and she’s currently in Argentina. I MISS HER SO MUCH! I cannot wait to see her on New Years Eve.

I’m feeling a little bit spaced out as I’m writing this. I think I need to go bed!

See you tomorrow,

Natalie-Ann x

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