Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs!

Currently sitting through another episode of Dexter and to my delight, I realised that there are in fact TWELVE seasons! That’s me sorted for a while, television wise.

So towards the end of work, I had a surprise drop in from Hannah. Well, actually it shouldn’t have been a surprise as I kind of forgot that she was coming into collect some stuff she’d left at mine. I forgot this said stuff obviously, so when she arrived I had the realisation I’d forgotten and profusely apologised. Oops! Anyway, Hannah dropped in to give me some fantastic news. She’s managed to secure a job, A JOB as an agent’s assistant! She starts on the 26th November, which is super crazy. I’m so happy she got the job just because she was stressing this weekend just gone about how badly she wanted this dream job. Now she’s got it and I’m super chuffed for her! Not jealous at all by the way…

In keeping with jobs, I’ve managed to secure some awesome promotional work this weekend at London’s Good Food Show which will bring in a little extra money. They’re long hours but it’s good pay and it’ll be a bit of variety for me than the norm. This is important especially as I REALLY need to start ordering christmas presents soon before it’s too late! I’m so excited for Christmas, especially in London as it will be the first time I’ll be seeing London in the festive season. I can’t wait for all the lights to go up and over the past few days, there’s an ice rink being put up opposite the London Eye. I think myself, Sean and a few others are planning on doing a bit of ice-skating soon and I also want to visit the Winter Wonderland that’ll be coming to London on the 21st November. EXCITING! I also really want to try some roasted chestnuts as they’ve started selling them around London and they look and smell really delicious. Got to get me some of them nuts!

So next weekend I’m going with Sam and his family to see the touring West End show, TopHat which I’m really looking forward to. I watched it when it made it’s debut on the West End to begin with and it was sooooooo good! If anyone has TopHat coming to their town, then definitely go and see it as it’s not something to be missed. It’ll also be really nice to see Sam’s parents and thank them personally for the wonderful apron that they got me and to also see the rest of his family.

On the acting side, I’ve been trying hard to apply to as many castings as possible and they’re now slowly starting to get back to me so hopefully there will some jobs coming out of it soon. A lot of them require me to record my auditions so I’m glad I’ve got a day off tomorrow to record them all. Although, I am on a standby to do some promotional work which could be fun so it looks as though I’ll be getting up early either way.

Enjoy your night guys,

Natalie-Ann x

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