Promo Agencies, An Obsession With Mugs And A Skype Audition.

I have literally been applying to all the promotional agencies and I realised that for some reason I don’t think I’ve been adding the correct physical details on some of them so I went out to go and fetch me a soft cloth/rubber measuring tape. I’ve just realised how sad and pathetic that sounded but I couldn’t use a metal one. I would have cut open my neck when measuring the collar. So yes, I’ve applied to so many promotional agencies with the hope that I’ll hear back from them soon enough and hopefully they will offer me some work!

As it’s been my day off, I’ve been trying to get as much done as possible, I’ve been re-writing the panto script out so it goes in to my head quickly. When we had the rehearsals there were a few changes made to the script. I realise I hate change when it comes to rehearsing scripts, especially when I don’t have long to learn it. Yes it’s a challenge and I love a challenge but I’ve just got a feeling that it’s going to change again…

I also realised today, to add to the rest of this sad and boring blog that I’ve discovered a have a weird obsession with my choice of mug when I make hot drinks. 



Note that these two mugs are basically the same except the top one is more square. I realised that I’m actually avoiding those types of mugs when I choose a mug and instead go for the bottom one. Literally I think I have a problem with mugs that look like the top one. Am I having a weird moment here? Does anyone else have this problem? Again I realise I’m sounding like a complete loony but it’s a genuine thing that I do and I find if I pick up the wrong type of mug, I sort of get a little angst which is strange. Nothing to be concerned about but I’m thinking, it’s a mug…you’re working yourself up over a mug.

I honestly think I’ve spent too much time in the house today and need a little fresh air. In other news, I’m really excited for my weekend promo work coming up and I received an e-mail today with all the information on. I don’t know whether I’d be able to release any information on here about the promo work just because I’ve seen before that they don’t like it if you release this sort of stuff on social media but I’ll double check on the day.

I also had a skype audition today which was for the first time. It was really bizarre and super awkward when we initially introduced each other just because I’d never met this guy before. It went well but I think he said they’d get back to me by lunch time and they didn’t so I don’t think I’ve gotten it but it was good for the experience either way.

Speak to you tomorrow!

Natalie-Ann x

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