8 Signs You’re Officially An Adult.

Children of the world. Here my plea. NEVER GROW UP. Why I hear you say? Well…

1. There are NO holidays.


No friend, I’m not. No freaking jokes right now, it’s just work work work for the rest of you’re life.

2. You have to be responsible.


You have to do you’re own washing for god’s sake!

3. You can’t blame you’re siblings or someone else for you’re mistake.


Gone were the days where you could blame someone else for getting up late for work. Oops.

4.Body parts start to ache more than they used to.


You’re an utter fail when it comes to playing chase with the younger generation of you’re family.

5. Food doesn’t magically appear in you’re fridge.


You’re favourite chocolaty yogurts are no more. YOU GOTTA GO OUT AND BUY IT! WTF.

6. Receiving post is a dreadful experience.


Please. No more bills. ):

7. You become more afraid.


Things are more scary. Like flying on a plane, trying new things and giraffes…

8.  However, life is always exciting and unexpected! 


Amongst all of the negatives, life is pretty awesome.

What do you like about being an adult?! Let me know in the comments below.

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