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So it seems that I’ve got myself into a groove and managing to keep up with a weekly gym routine. I find myself going to the gym now on average 3-4 times a week, which is something I definitely didn’t predict.

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She needs to tie her hair in a bun. Jesus girl.

I think I’ve managed to stick at it mainly because of my housemate Sean. He’s so motivated and driven when he’s at the gym that it sort of rubs off and inspires me to work hard to get fit and healthy. Secondly, I’ve started to see the results of my work and it’s always motivating seeing you’re hard work pay off. I think my aim is to get a nice toned stomach and thighs. These are my ‘problem‘ areas and whilst I love whatever shape I am, I would be lying if I said I was totally content with the way I looked and felt.

Which brings me onto the reason for this blog. I’ve recently purchased two new products that will hopefully help me lose the little bit of puppy fat on my stomach, but will also help turn that fat into muscle.

Workout Drinks
             Slim Fast Banana Flavour                                          PhD Body Sculpt Cherry Bakewell Flavour

Now I’ve only had these products for a few days so I can hardly review them at this stage. However, if you were currently in the process of training at the gym and were looking for some protein and dietry shakes to assist you, then this might give you a little insight. The Slim Fast is probably the least favourite of my two. I’ve not started to add half a teaspoon of honey with each serving to make the flavour more appeasing. This is a meal replacement shake and I love food too much to do this every day, so I do one day off and one day on. I don’t believe in soup diets or anything that means eating all or nothing for a few days and then stuffing you’re face for the rest of the week. The truth is that a well maintained exercise regime and eating/drinking plenty of heathy foods and water is the way of toning up or losing weight. Whichever the case may be for you!

The PhD body sculpt is the more expensive but definitely my favourite. I use this before every work out (30 minutes before) and it consists of slow-burning protein which is ideal for tough work out sessions in the gym. It also includes green tea which is a great detox in general to rid of any crap in you’re body. After a few days of using this product, I’m feeling a lot more healthier than usual especially after finishing a session at the gym.

Overall these products are definitely worth trying. I’m not going to preach and tell you these are the best for you or the best on the market. Everyone has a different product they use or some don’t use any at all. However it’s good to have a perspective on all avenues!

You can purchase either at Holland and Barrett or multiple supermarkets/gyms. Check out Slim-Fast here and PhD Body Sculpt here.

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