Scratch Away World Map

I told myself that 2017 was the year that myself and Sam would take more time away to do travelling. Up until now we’ve never really taken many trips together on our own and I’m so desperate to  travel and discover the world around us. It seems alien to me that people don’t have the urge to go abroad and experience different ways of living, different cultures and to see some of the world’s most iconic man-made landmarks.

Scratch map and tube

So to give ourselves a little nudge, I decided to buy a Scratch Away World Map. You can get these from various places, I got mine from Amazon here. This one is a smaller version and actually a travel sized one. When it arrived in it’s tube case, I felt like a kid about to go on a treasure hunt. I’ve mentioned before all the places I’d love to go to and I’m on a mission to see as much of the world as I can whilst it’s still accessible to me.

Close up of map

The Scratch Away World Map costs £7.99 which I think is pretty reasonable and I love the concept of scratching off a piece of the world when you’ve visited it. Part of my reason to travel is to also provide a little something extra to my blog posts. I do cover a lot of Beauty, Fashion and Fitness related posts which I love but I would like to document some of my trips and to make my blog more of an online diary for myself and also as a source of information for you guys to get clued up on so you can go and see these places too.

The aim for me and Sam is to do a lot of long weekend trips. I’m hoping that we can do one every few months as that will give us time to save. I’m not wanting to spend a lot on travel either so I think we’ll probably set aside a weekend where we have nothing planned and just find a last minute deal online. I’m signed up to so many discount holiday websites that I’ve already seen some £99 per person deals which include return flights and hotel accommodation. We could probably get a weekend holiday for under £300 if we timed it right and £150 for a weekend getaway each is a small price to pay to see a new part of the world.

Full view of world map

I hope this spurs that adventurous side in you, the world is for seeing so live in the moment and see it all. We can never guarantee that we’ll have tomorrow.

Do you do a lot of travelling? Let me know in the comments below.

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