Coconut Craze!

So if you’re living in the UK now, summer (or the lack of it) has decided to bow it’s head and autumn is now here. This requires warm clothing, plenty of soup stocked in the cupboard and lots of lip balm. I am always the victim of chapped lips and dry hands so I always have to have products on hand that will battle this almost year long war.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion, Palmer’s Hand Cream
and Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Oil for Hair.

Therefore I’d like to express my love for all coconut based skin and haircare products! The first of which is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfector!

This is a super sleek coconut oil, which you use on wet hair to give it a glossy and shiny finish. I use around 5-6 pumps even though it suggests only 3. I find that because of the thickness of my hair and how long it is, I need more for coverage from root to tip. I got this free using Buzz Agent. It’s a survey based website with the reward of trying out new products which could be anything. In return you spread the word of the product over you’re social media. This now costs £10 in general cosmetic stores and supermarkets. It’s good value for money and it lasts forever. If you have dry or frizzy hair this is the perfect solution. Alternatively, if you’re wanting a heat protecting product, this also does the job as well as slicking back strands of hair and taming you’re locks in general!

Next up is the Palmer’s Hand Cream. Now I’m definitely a sufferer of dry hands, especially growing older, I’ve started to get peeling skin on the tops of my palms. Not nice!

I’ve only just started using this product but so far it seems to do the job. The only thing I would comment on, which may be an issue for me, is the smell. It doesn’t really smell of coconut but instead has a really mild and bland smell. Smells or fragrance is one of the factors I have when it comes to buying beauty products so I don’t know whether I’ll repurchase this again just based on it’s smell. However, it’s not greasy like other hand creams and it has a thickness which gives the impression it’s protecting my hands from the cold.

Finally, the Palmer’s Coconut Body Lotion. Now I’m sure Palmer’s has been around for years so how I haven’t stumbled on this earlier, I do not know! 

This body lotion is literally the bees knees. It smells so edible, I have to refrain from trying to eat my arm because it smells THAT good. The lotion isn’t greasy and again it’s a nice thick lotion so you know you’re getting a good coverage. The lotion is about £5 for a bottle so it’s not the cheapest body lotion but it certainly smells and works well so it’s a definite recommendation!

Make sure you check the links below on where to get these products. Get ready because Autumn’s here!

Natalie-Ann x

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