Purchasing A New Vlogging Camera.

I’ve been thinking about purchasing this camera ever since Hannah McCarthy (damn you Hannah), introduced me to hers. 

Just…look at it.

The Canon Powershot G7X is probably the most favourable of vlogging camera used by all the very best YouTubers on YouTube. The high quality recording along with it’s retractable screen, let’s you record quality videos and enables you to see what you’re recording as well. I’ve been thinking recently about maybe creating a side channel where I put all my daily videos on. I may try and start to vlog every day if possible (especially with vlogmas coming up) but I know this might be unlikely to begin with because of work and other commitments. 

This would also give me the chance to begin creating a new little project for myself on Tumblr where I can start capturing the world through my camera. I’ve always been interested in taking photos especially of landscape and nature, so all in all, it would definitely be a worthwhile investment. Ok so it’s probably going to set me back £300-£350 but for better high quality videos and a chance to use it for social means, it’s a pretty good investment.

Now I just need to find the money to pay for it…

Natalie-Ann x

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