Garnier Ultra Lift Review

Behold. The best face cream inside a small red pot. Well actually, it’s the first night cream I’ve ever tried so I’ve not really got much to compare it to!

Garnier Ultra Life Packaging
Look at how pretty it is!

So I’ve definitely never been a devote wearer of face creams, nor do I have a set routine of morning or night time facial care. However, I do believe this has partially integrated itself into my nightly ritual. I don’t use it every night because sometimes I like my skin to be able to breath (weird) but I would say I use this 5 days out of the week. This is Garnier Ultra Lift Night Cream and I can honestly say I will DEFINITELY be buying it again when it runs out.

And it actually is running out, but it’s lasted for SO LONG! The tub itself is pretty small but what it lacks for in size, it makes up for in volume. Wahey. 

Whenever I think of using products in general – especially creams – I always think I have to put massive dollops of it on. However with this cream, I literally have half a teaspoon, sized amount on the back of my hand and dab it onto parts of my face that need it the most. Now unfortunately or fortunately, I suffer from laughter lines. They’re the long lines across you’re forehead that start to develop when you have too much fun. So be jealous because mine are practically etched into my skin.

Woman with wrinkles
This girl has never laughed in her life, she’s squeezing them with her hands!

Using this cream, well over 6 months now has really shown a massive difference. The lines have diminished and more or less disappeared and I’m finding that my skin has a bit more of a healthy glow to it when I wake up in the morning as apposed to not using it the night before. Now I may be a bit eager, at the age of 22 you’re not really in the catchment area of using night creams. However, it’s best to start now to avoid it!

The product is widely available at Boots and Superdrug and is a steal for just under £10. It seems to last forever, it doesn’t feel greasy or irritable on my skin and it works it’s magic over night so you won’t even have to suffer for it!

Go out and try it for yourself. It’s totally worth you’re money. You can get it from Boots or from Superdrug.

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