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Orvis UK – Fly Fishing in Green Park!

Fly Fishing. When I first received the e-mail off Emma inviting me along to the event after seeing my blog, I thought she’d e-mailed the wrong person. I swiftly responded with something along the lines of ‘I’m sorry but I don’t have a clue about fly fishing, are you sure you’ve contacted the right person?!‘ Surely enough she had and for this very reason, I was intrigued to find out about the sport that to me was completely unknown.

When I arrived at the store, I was greeted with warm smiles and an offer of help from one of the lovely sales advisors. He confidently lead me over to the group of people standing around a display table which had an array of delicious looking sandwiches and crisps waiting for the food lover (aka me), to arrive. I was greeted all at once by those organising the event, who welcomed me like one of their own. For someone who doesn’t know a thing about fishing, let alone fly fishing, I was given the same quality treatment that this company surely provide to it’s existing customers. However, I doubt they get a glass of Prosecco every time they arrive at the store!

The general presentation began, lead by James, an enthusiastic and encouraging character who told us, he’d grown up with the company as a child. The rest of the organisers and staff members were introduced and then we were told what would be the agenda for the afternoon. We were given the freedom to then look around, take pictures and for myself, video blog some of the store. This can all be found on my Daily Channel, provided at the bottom of this post. 

Walking around the store was pretty easy, everything was laid out beautifully and organised into specific sections with even a dedicated dog accessories section! 

Orvis is a family owned business and began in 1856,Vermont. It’s aim is to not only produce some of the most high quality rods (that are manufactured by the company themselves), in the world but to also ensure they’re customers are styled from head to toe in the best looking country living gear. They have around 20 stores in the UK, so I’m told, with three up in Scotland and the rest mainly market stores dotted around the country.

They offer free events that help introduce the sport to both the young and old who may have never heard or tried it before. What I enjoyed most about the experience was the sheer patience and understanding the organisers and staff members had for the majority of us that afternoon who had never fly fished before! Fly fishing is probably a sport that many people haven’t heard of before but after practising it, it’s surprisingly therapeutic and easy. Tom took myself and a fellow blogger around part of the store that displayed many of the weird and wonderful fly’s. The fly’s by definition, are used to mimic the type of bug the fish usually eat. The type of fly depends on the type of fish you are wanting to catch and whether you’re in open water, a lake or river. Certain fly’s represent the different stages of a bug’s life and they’re designed in such detail that they could pass for the real thing. Fly Fishing is something anyone can do as long as you have a fishing license which can easily be attained by simply finding it via a Google search. Links to these will be provided below.

After a glass of Prosecco and a few sandwiches, we headed on down to Green Park for our fly fishing experience. The bemused expressions of passersby wondering what we were up to was  amusing but this would not hinder my attempt to try something new and exciting. We were given an extensive and detailed introduction on how the rod is assembled and how the line is attached. Afterwards, we got hold of our own rods and had a go at fly fishing. I found that once you got the hang of it, it became very easy. At first, I struggled to get the rhythm right but after what feels at first like a complex move, it’s actually a fairly easy sequence and I apparently did very well at it. Here’s some pictures of me in action!

The staff were very helpful, giving me their own individual advice on how they handle the rod and each person had a little something different or additional to add on which I found very impressive. For someone who’s never even fished before, the whole idea itself initially felt very nerve-racking and I definitely thought I’d be out of my depth. However, the help and training given at this session gave me enough confidence to be able to have a proper go at it one day on actual water instead of the green grass of Green Park!

As this was my first time and I’m not a fly fishing wiz, please check out one of the fellow bloggers’ that attended the event also. His blog is super slick and is specifically for the male audience but ladies don’t let this put you off. It’s a great read!

Finally, when we got back to the store, we were handed out goodie bags and they had a few prizes to give out for the best fly fishers of the day! And guess what?! 

I won one of them! Thanks for giving this a read and make sure you check out Orvis’s website!

Natalie-Ann x

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