10 Places I Want To Travel To.

I’ve always wanted to go travelling and I don’t mean exploring what the rest of the UK has to offer but the rest of the world in which we live in. There’s so much out there to see, so many iconic places you’ve seen numerous times in films. So many different cultures that are world’s apart to you’re own and so many other people to meet and share memories with. This is why I’ve compiled a list together of all the places I’d love to travel to. I’m a traveller trapped by low funds  to do it so hopefully one day I can tick all these places off.

1. Explore as many parts of the USA as possible and take a trip down Route 66.

Ok so the USA is massive and I wouldn’t be able to do it in one trip but I would love to see some parts of it. I’ve always wondered about having a life over in the USA and I think one day that will hopefully become a reality. It won’t be for a long time but there’s something about the USA that draws me in. I don’t know whether it’s there whacky sense of living that’s so different to that of the UK but I want to be over there! I would also love to travel down Route 66. I know it’s one of those stereotypical things but I’d just love to do a road trip and that can be one of the roads we go on. Get your kicks on Route 66!

2. China and walk along the Great Wall.

I’ve always wanted to go to China, mainly to see the most iconic part of it which is of course the Great Wall of China. I’d also like to go there to explore the culture and to discover new dishes and try the local cuisine. I’ve never been one to shy away from trying food even if it doesn’t look particularly appetising! But you know me (or if you don’t) I am a food lover and will try anything once.

3. India.

I think India is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit because of seeing what Bollywood offers. Whenever I’ve seen it through film, snippets of film or music videos, it’s always very grand, vibrant and full of happiness. I’d love to explore the country that it comes from and see again some of it’s famous landmarks like the Taj Mahal.

4. Australia.

G’Day Bruce. Sorry but I had to do it. Australia has been one of those places I’ve wanted to go especially for the beautiful animals that inhabit it. I also love Australians because of they’re accent. It’s probably one of my top three accents that I totally and utterly fall in love with every time I hear it!

5. Paris

Well this is a sure fire place to visit anyway because of it’s romance! I’d love to have a cheeky kiss under the Eiffel Tower! Plus this is completely eye gouging if you hate Keeping Up With The Kardashians but on one episode they visited this bridge that had locks on the railings that people locked and signed to say that they had been there. Totally vomit worthy and cheesy but I’m definitely going to do it if I go over there!

6. South Africa

Another one of my favourite accents and somewhere I’ve wanted to visit! The picture above just makes the UK look like a pile of poop. Jokes but still South Africa looks incredible and would be a great place to go and explore some of it’s culture and it’s beautiful landscapes.

7.  See the Northern Lights

These are something that I’ve always wanted to see and what a spectacle it will be. I realise that this travel list is sort of becoming sights I want to see rather than places but it’s all the same really. Maybe…

8. Venice

So I’ve heard it’s going underwater and it stinks but I’d love to see Venice in all it’s beauty. To travel down the canal on a Gondola and just explore the beautiful scenery.

9. Mexico

Mexico for me just screams SUN and SEA. That is all!

10. Travel to Rio and CARNIVAL!

And finally, to feed the carnival in me I’d love to go to Rio and take part in the Rio de Janeiro. I love to dance and I’m one of those people who will always get up on the dance floor first regardless of whether it’s packed or empty. Dancing in a carnival would just be perfect!

Where would you like to go exploring? Let me know in the comments below!

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