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Did I tell you that I love my boyfriend?!

He knows the way straight to my heart of course is not through chocolate but through soap. Over the past year, I’ve really grown to love Lush products but it’s been forever since I’ve actually used them. I use my coffee bean massage bar every now and again but I’m just so busy at the moment, that I have yet to take an evening dedicated to dropping a bath bomb and just waste the hours away listening to music or reading a book. Now that I’m mentioning this, I really should do it soon!

So to say that he missed me, my boyfriend brought me a few Lush items, all of which I’ve never tried before!


First up is a body conditioner. Now, I’ve actually never used anything from Lush that comes in a tub of this size so when I saw this, I definitely squealed with excitement of nourishing my body with this little beauty.

It’s got a sweet and spicy, floral scent that is apparently packed full of fresh mango juice to help wake up the skin, brightening and nourishing you’re skins natural tones. I’m very much looking forward to using this and because it’s to be used as a sort of shower gel, I feel as if this is going to go very quickly!

Next up, is the beautiful bath bomb with it’s fuchsia pink underbelly and it’s parma violet top, finished off with a pretty floral decoration.

I love the bath bombs in Lush, simply because they provide such a fun experience. You basically stand there whilst you’re bath tub provides you with the evenings entertainment, who knows what will happen?!

The scent is gorgeous and it’s one that’s been in the store for a while but I’ve just never picked up. It has relaxing scents of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage to whisk away the senses. I’m sure going to enjoy this soon! I think I’ll use it perhaps after a stressful day or on one of those nights where I want to find a way of getting to sleep more easily (obviously not in the bath tub).

And finally onto the last one, the Salt and Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub!

Again, another new product which I’m keen to try out. A shower scrub is also something I’ve not tried before, the closest being a facial scrub which I’m using at the moment. The smell reminds me of university for some reason and for which I can’t think what and why. It has a very fresh smell, that will be lovely for cleaning the body maybe after a hard gym session or a generally mucky day, where you just want to clean and cleanse you’re body.

Very excited to try all these out and will be sure to report back!

Natalie-Ann x

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