100 Things To Do Before High School

Remember that time when we were in our final year at Primary School? That beautiful time where nothing mattered and around Christmas you were basically going into school to watch Christmas movies. Yeah I remember those times, I wish I could go back!

The folks down at Nickelodeon have just released a brand new series on their channel called ‘100 Things to Do Before High School‘ and before you read on, watch the trailer for it below:

Firstly, this is so typically American, which I love by the way! It starts off super cheesy, creating a perfect imagination of what we all thought High School would be like, only for our big brother or older sibling to tell us, it’s all lies. If you’re me however, I had to experience this on my own for the first time. DAMMIT, why did I have to be the eldest of three?!

The series follows a young girl about to start her 7th grade and how she copes with school life that’s never going to be the same again. Making new friends and losing old ones, discovering you’re new crush and and finding out how to make it through an average high school day is just a few of the things you’ll see feature throughout. It airs every Friday at 4.30pm on the Nickelodeon channel and even though the series is aimed at kids, I actually found some of it hilarious to watch. It’s a sort of stupid humour that is just perfect for me. Fans of Drake and Josh would love this!

To celebrate this wondrous occasion, I am offering my readers (that’s you reading this blog right now), the chance to win a Nickelodeon goodie, courtesy of Nickelodeon HQ. Yes, you will receive something from Nickelodeon but I don’t know what exactly. Just know it’s going to be super cute. If you would like the chance to win it, then all you have to do is sign up to my mailing list. This normally shows up as a pop up a couple of seconds after you’ve scrolled down my page a bit. At the end of November, I will announce the winner and send this out to you as an early Christmas present! 

So make sure you check out this new series, this Friday at 4.30pm on the Nickelodeon channel. And don’t forget to sign up to my mailing list to be in with a chance of winning a prize!

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