InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer and Serum.

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to try out some beauty products by the company InstaNatural. These were the Retinol Moisturizing Cream and Serum.

Now using both a moisturizing cream and serum is something I’ve never done before. Up until now, I’ve dabbled a little bit in day and night creams but I’ve never tried a serum before. When the package arrived and I opened the contents, the overall packaging is very fresh, the colours used are essentially natural and clean. I love their logo and the fact that it’s company name is Insta Natural, perfect for INSTAGRAM! (yes of course I’ve already made an Instagram post about this product)

I decided to give the products a try for the next few weeks to enable me to see if it works and what the resulting effects are. 

The moisturizing cream, is light and well creamy. Retinol is a yellow compound which is found in yellow and green vegetables, egg yolk and fish liver oil. It’s high in Vitamin A and is known for brightening the skin to give a glowing complexion. It contains Shea butter which is perfect for softening the skin. The green tea found in the moisturizer is more normally used as an alternative to  you’re average brew. It’s great for detoxing, whether that’s getting over a hangover or flushing out the system to aid healthy eating. It also contains my favourite, Jojoba Oil. Ideal for oily skin, the oil tricks you’re skin into creating less oil which reduces the shiny appearance of you’re face!

The moisturizing cream is more or less odorless, there’s no real fragrance to the product which I found a little disappointing. I’m very keen on my smells, especially when it comes to facial products but the actual product itself has proven to be very beneficial to my skin. My skin definitely feels a lot smoother and softer than before and I’ve seen a slight reduction to the shine of my face, particularly the problem T-zone area that most people experience.

The serum is probably my preferred of the two. Completely new to serums, the pipette (or dropper) included with the serum was definitely a surprise for me. The only problem I found was that there was no clear dosage stated. I therefore used about half of the liquid the pipette sucked up. Now the smell of this serum is so edible, it’s basically a liquid form of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. This powerful serum helps combat dark circles, wrinkles and the appearance of sun damage. The serum is very runny but provides a vast coverage with just a small amount. My face was left feeling very refreshed and waking up in the mornings, I did notice a slight difference to the dark circles under my eyes.

I’ve used the product now for a few weeks and I’m very happy with the results I’m seeing. I’ve actually passed it onto my mother, who is now trying out the product for herself. I did this, to see if she benefits from it any different than I do. Therefore, expect to see an updated blog review on her opinion!

Thanks for reading and please check out their website to try it out for yourself.

Natalie-Ann x


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