3 Simple Hairstyles For Long Hair

I have long hair, most people know that. I DEFINITELY know it. It’s such a struggle to keep it maintained sometimes that I’m threatening it daily to take it to the local hairdressers’ to get it cut. However, I think my mother would kill me if I just chopped it off. So, over the past couple of months I’ve been trying to experiment with different hairstyles, to stop it from just laying flat. So here they are with helpful steps and pictures to try it on yourself and others!

1. The Plaited Bun!

You’ll need: clear elastic hair bands,

                     hair band (colour suited to your hair)

                     hairpins and hairspray.

  • Take your hair and brush it up into a high ponytail for really high buns.

  • A tip to creating a high bun; tip your head upside down and collect your hair together and tie up with a head band. 

  • Make a simple plait with the loose hair and tie off with a clear elastic. The clear elastic is good at concealing it when it’s wrapped up in the bun. 

  • You can pull the braid apart beforehand to create bigger and looser plaits.

  • Once you have the desired shape of the plait, wrap this around your hairband either tightly or loosely depending on how you like it.

  • Add hair pins to secure the bun in it’s place and for extra hold, tie another clear elastic around the bun to keep it in place.

  • Hairspray is optional for the sleek back look depending on how formal or casual you want your hair to look. Hair pins are also helpful for securing any loose strands of hair.

And there you have it!

2. The Long Hair Illusion. 

You’ll need: two hair bands or two clear elastics.

A really quick and simple hairstyle to give the illusion of you having longer hair! 

  • Take your hair and split into two sections, the top half and the bottom.

  • Secure the top half with a hair band, making sure it’s tied up nice and high.

  • Tie the second part of your hair up, directly under the top half. Use textured hairspray or sea salt spray to give it more depth and to hide the elastic band underneath the top half, creating the illusion of extra long hair.

Extra long hair without the need for extensions!

3. Up Do Side Braid

You’ll need: two clear elastic bands

                    a hair band


  • Take a reasonable size chunk of hair from either side, depending on which side you want the plait to sit. Create a simple plait or if you’re more adventurous or have experience, try out a fishtail plait or a dutch braid and tie off with a clear elastic band.

  • Tie the remainder of the hair up and wrap the braid around the hair band, concealing the band completely. 

  • Use the hair pins to secure the plait in place. Then with some of the hair that’s in the hair band, section a little bit and create the same plait, giving the illusion of the plait running from the side, around the hair band and down into the hair.

That’s three simple hairstyles for those with long hair or even want to create an illusion of having longer hair!

Natalie-Ann x

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