October Book Challenge

So in October, unbeknown to you my readers, I decided to take on a little challenge.  I’ve been avoiding reading books simply because there hasn’t been time to do so. But I’ve found I can utilise my time most when I’m travelling. Life seems to stop when your on the underground even though it’s always packed and commuters are zooming at 90mph to get to their office in the morning or back to their homes at night. Therefore I set myself a challenge. To read three books in the month of October and to review them.

It just so happens that I’ve been working with a website called Bloggers Required. The website offers the opportunity for Bloggers to work with brands, who want their brands, products or certain campaigns promoting as social media is a very strong and powerful marketing tool. I have been very lucky to so far receive a lot of work with various brands over the past month and a half. In that time, the total count of brands I’ve worked with is around 12. How impressive is that? And this is something I like doing as a hobby and already it’s turning into an opportunity to connect with brands and do something I love which is writing!

Now over the past couple of weeks, I’ve very fortunately been given the chance to read and review the following books.

Michael Murpurgo’s An Eagle in the Snow

Malala Yousafzai’s I Am Malala

and…The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond and Wine

So I’ve pretty much managed to read them all but struggled with the last one ‘I am Malala’. You’ll see some reviews coming up soon on my blog so look out for them on here!

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