Red Candy – Marble Copper Realness

Now there’s no shame here on UpYourVlog. I’ve accepted that I’m showing tendencies of being a you-know-what. Especially when it comes to this beauty.

Yes, I’m getting excited about a wall clock that I received from Red Candy. Yes – that does mean I’m becoming…an adult?


I know right, you’re totally jealous of my recent addition.

Red Candy kindly gifted me this to you know, make my bland bedroom look amazeballs. Getting household items like this also appeases my need to have a place of my own that I can just decorate with everything that’s rose gold, comfy and makes me want to show off my awesome pad. #longtimecoming

Up close of clock

The Karlsson Clocks blend in a mixture of materials that create a truly unique product. With copper and marble being on trend at the moment, it was only right that I chose this one. This wall clock bridges the gap between classic and contemporary.

The finish is gorgeous and the weight of the clock adds quality. I was surprised that this is only £29.99 which is pretty good value for money especially when it’s such a well designed item.

Side view of clock

Make sure you check out Red Candy’s range as they offer a mixture of home decor, accessories and funky gifts that are suitable for anyone.

What do you think of this Marble Copper realness? Let me know in the comments below.

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