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I can’t actually believe that’s been over a year since my graduation. Time has flown so fast and my experience in London has been that of ups and downs but I don’t think I would rather be anywhere else right now. Moving from the quiet(ish) town of Aberystwyth and moving to London is such a dramatic culture shock. I can no longer go out till 3am in the morning and be within a 10 minute walk of my house. Taxis are no longer a mere £1-2 per journey and everything is SO expensive even though alcohol in Aberystwyth is exactly the same as the alcohol they serve in London bars and pubs!

But apart from this, living in London is pretty epic. It’s a city full of life and more importantly creativity. There are so many diverse and unique people in London that it really adds to the whole aesthetic of London. 

Coming back to my degree, I’m now in the process of applying for Masters. Yes, I could potentially become Natalie Redman BA MA. There are currently a million thoughts running through my head, mainly with how I’m going to fund it. However, I cannot let money stop me from achieving my dreams of doing what I love every day which is performing. The money will come from somewhere, whether it’s applying for a bank loan, trying to get a scholarship or going into full-time employment and working every hour physically possible. I’m applying to three drama schools as there courses for me stood out as being the best ones that suited what I was after because after all, I want to enjoy the course I’m taking and not just because it’s the best drama school to go to.

I’ll be sure to keep you guys informed on how it’s going but my first audition is on 14th January 2016! I’m super nervous but I will of course give it my all and if it’s not meant to be then that’s fine. But hopefully this is the opportunity I need to really get that foot in the door of the industry.

Natalie-Ann x

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