Wimbledon Season at the O2 Centre

It’s officially Wimbledon season and the lucky buggers who are lucky enough to be off work and bagging a seat at this year’s event, are happily sipping away at their Pimms and chomping down on some strawberries and cream. Whether we are watching it ourselves during our lunch breaks…or during work time, everyone’s getting that Wimbledon hype. 

Wimbledon signage

If you didn’t manage to swing yourself a ticket (no pun intended there) then there’s always the O2 Centre just a stone’s throw away from Finchley Underground station. I popped over there to take a look for myself, expecting nothing much, but I was surprisingly impressed with what they’d done with the space.

The screening area is on the ground floor towards the back of the centre just next to Waterstones. They’ve been there since the beginning and they’ll be pitched up until Sunday 16th July. They’ve got a host of eateries including strawberries and cream to give you those Wimbledon feels. They’ve also got a pop-up bar to keep those mid-week drinkers satisfied.

Screening of wimbledon match

Inside o2 centre

Sit in front of the big screen with deckchairs, surrounded by white picket fencing and that oh so British bunting we love to display everywhere. During my visit to the centre, there were people of all ages enjoying the championship and the game that was being played by Roger Federer.

It’s a perfectly placed space to enjoy the Wimbledon during the week but I suppose it will get pretty busy during the weekend. Make sure you head down to the O2 Centre if it’s nearby and if not, be sure to check out your local venues and shopping centres as they may be running similar events near you.

Places like the O2 Centre have events going on all year round so be sure to see what’s on here.

Enjoy the rest of the Wimbledon season! Let me know who you want to win in the comments below.

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