I’m on Guitar Hero

So the latest in the series of Guitar Hero was released this year in November. Earlier this year I was picked to be part of a secret filming event for a well known game that was due to be released later on in the year. Yes, you guessed it, this filming was for the latest version of Guitar Hero. The whole theme of the game would be that the player or players would be performing in front of crowds of real people and depending on how well, or how not so well you played, the audience would react accordingly.

I was meant to be filming for two days but unfortunately I received no proper confirmation for the second day, so I only was able to do the one day. It was a typical background artist day, lots of waiting around and then when we were on set, it was hours of filming! However, the whole experience was so much fun and not quite knowing what the game was going to be, made it even more of an experience.

Recently my housemate purchased the Guitar Hero set along with two guitars. I’d mentioned to him before that I was appearing in it after seeing that Guitar Hero was using real life crowds in the game. We looked on the selection of songs and found the three songs we’d filmed. These were:

Waking up in Vegas – Katy Perry

California King Bed – Rhianna

Here’s To Never Growing Up – Avril Lavigne

Instantly within the song playing, I recognised the ‘band’ that had performed on the day and to the left hand side, I saw my cheering face! It was such a surreal experience to see myself on screen and in an actual game. A game that is so popular on a console that I’ve played on myself since a young age. Even though I would have preferred to be the girl singing, it was still such a great feeling to know that I’ll be on a game that’s played by hundreds of thousands of people. 

GO ME! Now go out and buy the game. If you do well, I cheer but if you miss the notes then I will boo at you. And I have a really awesome disgusted face.

Natalie-Ann x

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