Christmas Decorations!


Ok, so it saddens me that I missed out on having an advent calendar. I’m actually heart broken. This is something I tend to do though when it comes to purchasing things, I always purchase them too late. I’ll see them being sold weeks before and think ‘oh I’ve got ages yet so I don’t need to worry about getting one yet’ and then it’s the 3rd December and they are sold out. I’M SO UPSET! I actually was thinking about not having an advent calendar on the way home from the gym tonight and it actually made me feel down in the dumps. Guys, I got emotional over a cardboard container filled with little cheap chocolates.

So after going in Sainsburys purposefully to see if they’d restocked their advent calendar shelves with a ‘For Natalie’ sign, I realised that they weren’t going to have anymore. Instead I treated myself to a few Christmassy decorations and boy am I feeling the christmas spirit right now.

Because we’re in a flat and times are hard (money wise) getting a tree and decorating it would be too expensive and we literally have no place in the flat to put a gigantic tree. So instead I opted for a little frosty tree! Look how cute this guy is! He was £3.50 and I think I’m going to name him Frosty the Christmas Tree. He’s a no mess and no fuss kind of tree and I love him.

I also got some pretty little, white fairy lights for £2.50 and they are battery operated. Oooooooooo!

The fit perfectly on our windowsill and they are much classier than having tacky tinsel everywhere (plus there was no tinsel left in Sainsburys LOL). I got a Merry Christmas bunting (£2.50?) which sprayed red glitter everywhere as I got it out of it’s box. This is hanging between the two windows handles and just look so festive!

And finally I grabbed some christmas spiced tealight candles and these are now dotted all over the flat, making it smell of Christmas. As I sip a Pukka tea, I am finally feeling the spirit of Christmas. Now all I need is my advent calendar…

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