Things I’ve Learnt From My Parents

Having parents is something everyone should be grateful to have and hold dearly in their lives because unfortunately there are those out there who have never had them in their lives or have sadly lost one or both. My parents are possibly the most supportive and loving parents in the entire world (and I would say that because I’m bias). But what have I learnt from my parents? What do I consider some of my most valued lessons?

Never judge

Girl on her own being bullied

We are human beings and we can sometimes be influenced by society and the media around us. At times I have looked at someone without even knowing them and assumed something whether it be positive or negative. My parents brought me up in a very liberal environment and so I grew up without judgement of race, gender or sexuality. It’s something that I will teach my kids because when you remove all the labels that society smacks on us, we’re all pretty much the same. 

Respect your elders

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I know this is a pretty old fashioned saying but it could be said for all ages.  I’ve witnessed teenagers speaking to adults in a disgusting manner and vice versa. I’ve seen elderly men and women be so rude to the younger generation, sometimes tarring them with the same brush. It relates back to judging and that being respectful to those around you will in turn give you the respect you deserve.

Be frugal

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It may sometimes cause me annoyance and the fear of me missing out but my mum has always been money savvy, making sure to not overspend and to save where possible. This meant that even when I was at university, I never got an overdraft and I’ve managed to pay my way since the age of 16 when I got my first job in a local cafe.

Chase your dreams

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I’ve pretty much known that I’ve wanted to be a performer since I was a kid so it’s not like my parents could change my mind but they’ve always given me guidance and never tried to change my mind on what I want to do. I really hate it when someone’s told me they decided against a career they would have liked because there parents told them otherwise. You are not leading your parent’s preferred lives, you are leading yours so do what you want to do in life whether that makes you a millionaire or you’re just scraping by. As long as you are truly enjoying it, that’s all that counts. Also it’s your life to mess around with so if you screw up, it’s a tough lesson but at least you’ve done it and you can move on!

Arguments really aren’t worth the time

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Yes we all have arguments, with ourselves and with our loved ones. But why let an argument go on for more than necessary? I’ve heard of people having an argument that leads to never speaking to someone again. It’s really not worth it and when it’s possible, resolve an argument as quickly as you can. Don’t let it brew and don’t just cover up your feelings – get it out and regain that positive relationship.

Be humble

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Probably the best quality in my parents has been that they’ve always remained humble with whatever they’ve been given in their life (apart from red wine less than 11.5% – it’s an inside joke and one I’ll tell you another time). I’ve taken this on in my experiences, especially in relation to both blogging and acting. Always stay humble no matter what and I believe that plays a big part in how you come across to others.

What have your learnt from your parents/guardians? Let me know in the comments below!

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