Presenting it’s clean and fresh new website, elinens.co.uk is the perfect online place to shop for Bedding, Bathroom and Accessories. The website has recently had a refurbishment and is pretty easy to navigate around. The beautiful scroll bar at the top hits the top four categories that the website showcases and the full range of Egyptian Cotton is simply stunning.

When you think about the quality that you get, the value for money is incredible. You can go whole duvet sets in Egyptian Cotton for less than £25. The normal duvet sets are even cheaper and you can get this beautiful Laura Secret Wild Stag Duvet Set for just £12.59! So much better than what you would get in most retail stores.

There’s a design for everyone and colours to suit everyone’s tastes. There’s even some for the kid’s aswell, featuring cartoon patterns and designs. There’s also some more simple and elegant designs for the kids who want a ‘grown up’ duvet set.

elinens’ are running a competition this month to celebrate the launch of their new website design and guess what that is? FREE BEDDING FOR LIFE! Oh my, now this is something I want! The prize is a £100 voucher to spend on the website and is renewed every year – FOREVER! Imagine how many duvet sets, bath rugs and towels and accessories you could get with that?!

The mind truly boggles…

elinens are giving you my readers, a 10% discount offer on all their range which you can use when checking out with the code elinens11.

So what are you waiting for?! Enter the competition today and you have the opportunity to win bedding for life!

Natalie-Ann x

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