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Have you every looked at a piece of jewellery and thought, ‘I like it…but I don’t like that bit‘. It’s frustrating because when you find something that you like, it tends to have one or two imperfections that put you off buying it altogether. However, what if I said that there’s a brand new concept out there, that can let you design your own piece of jewellery online, using great quality materials? Not possible? Think again.

DIWAH is one of the latest brands that has seemed to effortlessly land itself in today’s fashion market. We’re no longer interested in getting the same piece of jewellery from Topshop or New Look that every other person has. Instead we want something unique, an item that no one else has and unless you’ve got a very healthy bank account, this request is just not affordable. THINK AGAIN MY FRIENDS

‘DIWAH is the first UK based company to offer such a vast selection of semi precious and fashion components, with the option for completely customisable jewellery. No online customisation of jewellery gives as much creative freedom to the customer as DIWAH does.’ – DIWAH

With DIWAH you can actually create your own piece of jewellery for an affordable price! At the moment you can only design necklaces but bracelets will soon be designable and who knows, perhaps even the rings will become designable too! The necklaces can be designed from scratch and users can choose from pre-made templates. For those of you who want a really unique service, DIWAH has a highly skilled and trained team who can design individual pieces of jewellery just for you! I had a go at creating my own designs and I found the design tool pretty easy to use. The process is fairly simple, you pick what style of necklace you want, whether it’s a Collar, Princess Pendant etc. You then have a range of component styles to choose from to help you decide what sort of style your after. This could be Bold, Urban or maybe Evening Glam…

After choosing your style, it’s then onto the fun part of designing your necklace. The tool is simple, allowing you to choose from the type of chain you want, the type of beads, beadcaps, pendants, fasteners and even spacerbeads. I love the intricate details of this process because it all culminates in creating a piece of jewellery that you can guarantee will be like nothing else you’ve seen because hey, it’s come from your imagination.

I made a couple of designs but didn’t save them all properly (silly me). However the one that I did save was named ‘Golden Sunrise‘ – don’t ask why, I just wrote the first thing that popped into my head –  and DIWAH has very kindly made it and it’s on it’s way to me as I type!

The team took plenty of time creating it, giving me helpful design help by suggesting more weight was added to the front for it to hang properly. I haven’t come across any other website that offers this kind of exceptional and detailed service and can easily compete with most high-street jewelers.

I am unbelievably excited to receive this necklace and you can certainly expect a follow up post, showcasing my own customised necklace.

So what are you waiting for?! Check out DIWAH‘s website here and get creating your own jewellery. It’s super fun and easy to create some beautiful pieces. Check out their other social media too:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diwahjewellery?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DIWAHJewellery
Pintrest: https://www.pinterest.com/diwahjewellery/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/diwahjewellery

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