Strawberry Snowmen

This is the most simple recipe in the world but they do look super cute and would look perfect at a Christmas buffet! Firstly you’re going to need some big ass strawberries. Don’t go for titchy ones like I went for, that was my first mistake. You want big ones so that the whipped cream going inside is quite substantial and that the top of the strawberry is big enough to carefully sit on top.

You will need:

– A punnet of strawberries

– Whipped Cream (Go for thick!)

– Chocolate drops

1. Firstly take out your strawberries and pull off their stalks.

2. Carefully chop off any white bits that the strawberries may have where the stalk has been. this will provide the base of your snowmen. Then chop up the strawberries in half, with the stalk end as the base.

3. Fill the strawberry base with whipped cream. Go crazy, it’s Christmas.

4. Position the strawberry heads carefully on top.

5. Add two little chocolate drops for eyes.

Then get creative and make a wonderland of cream!

I used light whipped cream, what a stupid decision. Poor snowmen!

So what are you waiting for?! Go make some strawberry snowmen!

Natalie-Ann x

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