Greetings From Nieuil

So a couple of weeks ago, we visited my housemate Sean’s parents. They immigrated to France about 4 years ago and moved there to enjoy the good life, retiring at a young age to still enjoy the fruits of their labour. Sarah, Sean’s sister is fluent in French and has adapted to her new life with such ease. I’m also extremely envious of that fact she can speak more than one language.

We went from Wednesday to Sunday so had a good few full days to play with. Sean had planned a few outdoor activities for us, one of which was the adventure park that I went to when I first visited them in France two years ago.

Sarah and Sam

Sean’s family own three dogs called Lily, Bella and Molly. Molly, below, is their newest addition to the family and had a pretty awful start to her life. One of the things I love about the Derbyshire family is there unconditional love for their canine friends. They are a part of the family and they give so much love to them. Molly has had a tough start to her life but from living with Sally and Paul for a short time, she’s come on leaps and bounds.

Molly the dog
Lily the dog

During this trip, I wanted to get some good use out of my glasses as I had recently gone for a check up at the opticians and they advised that I’d been wearing my contact lenses for too long during the day. I vowed to get some new glasses that I could be comfortable wearing during the evenings and sometimes in the daytime at work. I’ve also been using this gorgeous face tinted cream from LoveMeBeauty, which has allowed me to not bother with wearing any foundation. Watch out for a blog post soon showing off this amazing beauty product.

Anyway, back to France. Sean’s parents are based in Nieuil which is around a 45 minute journey from the town of Limoges. This was also where we flew to and from! On the first day of arriving, France was in the middle of a heatwave and it was BAKING. The air conditioning in the car was a blessing as us Brits definitely weren’t used to this type of climate.


Village Hall

We spent the afternoon around the newly built pool, drank lots of beer and wine and had a good ol’ chinwag with Sean’s family. We went bed that night with the fan blasting away and it definitely took us a while to get sleep because it was so hot!

On the first full day, we headed to a nearby camping ground to go kayaking (or canoeing if you’re Sam). Myself and Sarah got a two person canoe whilst Sam and Sean went in their own individual ones. As Sarah had been before, I knew I was in safe hands. We went down a beautiful river which had a few rapids along the way and the views were stunning. There was something so peaceful about gliding down a wide river with not a care in the world. The route took us about two and a half hours (with stops in between of course – we ain’t that fit!) and we had a well deserved beer afterwards which was very much needed.

On our second day, we headed into the town of Limoges as Sally and Paul had a few personal errands to run so myself, Sam, Sean and Sarah took a couple of hours to walk around the shops – who am I kidding – me and Sarah went shopping and the boys found a nearby bar to drink at. We joined them shortly after and then we all headed back to get ready for STEAK FONDUE.

Buildings in Limoges

Church square in Limoges

Sam, Sarah and Sean

Yep, steak fondue is a thing and it is better than any other type of fondue (unless you are a veggie). The restaurant is right on their doorstep and is a short walk that takes around 5 minutes to get to and from. I had experienced steak fondue on my last trip but this was Sam’s first time. For the meal, you get given lots fresh tomatoes, pasta mix, salad and dips. They then bring out the oil which is heated to a temperature ready for cooking the steak. You are each given a skewer and two big bowls of steak chunks that are brought out to get you started. You also get some chips to go with it and both the steak and chips are UNLIMITED.

Yes. Unlimited.

Sean and Sarah

The Derbyshire Family

Sean, Sarah, Sam and Natalie

Sean and Natalie

Sarah walking

Funky drink

Steak fondue

Suffice to say, we stuffed our chops full and within an hour, we’d given ourselves the meat sweats. It was such great value for money and it was a treat from the Derbyshire’s which was too kind.

On the last full day, we went to the adventure park which is a bit like the Go Ape places we have in the UK. Suspended at varying levels in the trees are obstacles that challenge your upper body strength. The black route is the toughest and also the highest and I have yet to conquer it as it’s just too high for me. We had so much fun though and Sam managed to get through a bit of the black route and also loved the zip wire that we did at the end.

Natalie and Sam


Sarah and Sean

Sarah and Natalie

We had so much fun on our mini holiday and I would like to thank Sally and Paul for playing hosts and allowing us to enjoy a little slice of their heaven. I am so envious of what they have and I can only hope that when we have retired (which will probably be when I’m 70), we can live in a paradise somewhere like theirs.

Have you ever visited France? Let me know where you’ve visited in the comments below.

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