Mamma Mia And House Hunting!

Forgot to blog last night because I was way too tired. As I’m writing this my boyfriend is pleading with me to stand on his back. One moment….

Eww it clicked so many times! This boy ain’t normal.

Mamma Mia West End

So myself and Sam spent the day in London yesterday. The weather is so beautiful at the moment in London, even today it was ridiculously hot. I love the fact that summer is on it’s way. I hate being cold and dull weather just makes people so moody in general. We met up with our good friend Sam from Aberystwyth to watch his girlfriend (Grace) perform in her third year showcase at Mountview. If you don’t know Mountview, it’s an accredited performing arts school that specialises in Musical Theatre. Grace was amazing and I wish her all the luck that she manages to sign with an agent she’ll be happy with when she finishes her final year. Afterwards, we grabbed some food and spent a few hours just talking which flied by. The place we tried was somewhere we’d never been before – it was in Leicester Square and I think from memory it was called The Olive Tree? Myself and Sam (boyfriend) went for the wrapped pizza which was just delicious.

We then met up with our housemate Sean, for a drink or two before heading over to watch Mamma Mia. Now it was my second time seeing the show but Sam & Sean’s first time. I was pretty excited for them as I knew that this show was a good un’ and that the songs would have them on their feet, singing and dancing.

But if I’m being honest…..I didn’t rate this show as good as the one I saw a few years back. It was a real let down considering I’d seen it before, but the cast, apart from the end numbers, seemed to lack stage presence and the direction of the show in general was quite poor. I don’t want to be all negative though, the Abba tunes are still great and by the end of the show everyone was clapping and singing along so at least that’s something!

Today was mostly spent giving the house a good clean and spending some quality time with the boyfriend. This evening we went house hunting and saw a property in Streatham again which is an area we really love. We’re currently in Zone 6 and would be moving to Zone 3 and unless you live in London, you won’t know how amazingly beneficial it will be, both in time and money to move into Zone 3. The one we saw tonight was gorgeous and it was perfect for what we’re looking for. The second one we went to look at was in Tottenham and let me tell you – we didn’t even step foot inside. The area and the outside of the house was enough to send us back around and on the bus back home.


Nevermind, we’ve had a good viewing tonight so hopefully that will come of something. Very exciting all this moving malarky.

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