What I’m Doing For New Years Eve!

I can’t actually believe that Christmas Day has already come and gone. It was only a few days since I finished work the day before Christmas Eve and excitedly made my way up to Stoke-on-Trent with a heavy carry on and a broken Matalan’s bag.

Oh the memories! But now it’s time for New Year’s Eve, a special night celebrating with a few of my loved ones, seeing in the New Year. Last year, we had the party at our house in Dartford. This year however, we are popping over to my best friend’s house. Hannah in Ascot. I love the area in which she lives in, I could definitely see myself there one day if we ever have the money to move away from London (highly doubtful). It will be great to share the New Year with a few of the same people from last year too!

Hannah has already told me about her previous New Years Eve parties in which we play some traditional party games. I love party games, especially around the festive season. Myself and my family normally play some sort of quiz from a box. This year it was Who’s Who? A bit like charades, the family is split into two groups, one is nominated each time to describe a person or character without saying their name or rhyming it. Such a fun and competitive game. I’m therefore, definitely looking forward to the games Hannah will have planned for the New Year’s Eve party.

I think we’re going ahead with a party buffet so I’ll be expecting all of the party food AND there will be lots of alcohol. I’m especially looking forward to drinking prosecco. Prosecco is my new favourite drink and sometimes I have to refrain from requesting it when I’m in a pub. I prefer it so much more to champagne and we’ll probably have several bottles of Prosecco ready for the countdown to New Year.

The most important thing is obviously seeing in the New Year with all my friends. I do wish my family were with me too but I’m sure we will be able to call each other before or after the phone lines go crazy at midnight. I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year’s Eve party wherever you may be and I look forward to welcoming in 2016!

Natalie-Ann x

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