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Being at the age I am now, I see so much Homeware stuff that just brings out my inner adult. I so desperately want a place that I can call my own, where I can buy things for my own house. However, I know that’s not going to happen for a LONG time. So I’ll just have to be satisfied with what I have currently, which is a cosy flat shared between myself, my boyfriend and our best friend. I thought to myself the other day, what are my favourite homeware items in the flat? Well, here they and they’ll be sure to move to whatever place we find next!

I am obsessed with picture frames. Guaranteed I will have so many frames in my house in the future, that it would take all day to find them all. I love all my frames and treasure them for the memories they share, whether I was there to experience them myself or not. It also reminds me how much weight I put on during my university years!

My little gorgeous brother.

First year and the May Ball with my bestie, Maria.

Myself and Charlie over our university years and many nights spent at Pier Pressure!

My beautiful family on my 18th birthday. SO LONG AGO!

Ice skating with my Auntie. I think this was taken before she fell on the ice!

A moment I will always look back on and laugh my socks off. My performing side runs in the family.

During first year, myself and Sam! I look very pudgy here. Thank god for post university years…and the gym.

The next piece of homeware that I only brought recently is this beautiful storage box brought from TK Maxx. For only £12, the box is big enough to fit all my Lush and beauty products needed to keep this skin of mine feeling fresh and youthful!

The plate in this photo doesn’t belong to me, it actually belongs to the flat. However, I’m very much keen to take this with me when we move. It’s such a beautiful centre piece for the dining table. I decorated this with some pot pourri which smells of spiced cinnamon and oranges. I believe the scent is dying so I’ll have to replace it soon. 

I love the plants that I got from an event I attended near the end of 2015. It was such a lovely evening to learn about how plants can really create a positive and happy atmosphere in your home. These plants are dying but eventually I will replace them with something new and long lasting (as I am crap at watering plants and keeping them alive). The jars are beautiful too and they’re just so hip!

This is a basket, Maria brought at an event we both worked at. It’s so handy for keeping all my beauty essentials in and it’s great for keeping all this stuff from cluttering the bedroom!

I’d love to hear what you consider your homeware favourites. Let me know in the comments below, especially if you are a blogger and you’ve wrote about it!

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