Independant Guide To New York City 2016


Introducing Independant Guide Book’s latest instalments of travel guides that provide their readers with a full in-depth introduction of what to expect if you are ever able to travel to New York. Whether this is for business or pleasure, the guide books provide you with a wealth of knowledge that will help you experience what the chosen travel destination has to offer. They had a range to choose from but I decided to go with New York City. This was mainly because I’m determined to go back there one day and this time round I want to be more prepared. My trip with mum to New York was incredible but with so little time, we didn’t manage to get everything done that was possible. However, looking through the book I discovered that we’d actually done quite a lot, so go Mum! 

They sent me a paperback in the post which costs £4.99 (I assume its not got P&P included). You can also get the Kindle version for just £1.99 so it’s perfect for any type of reader.

The guide starts off with a history of New York and how the ‘Big Apple’ has changed. It is the most populated city in the USA and as of 2014, there were just fewer than 8.5 million residents. It has useful information of the travel documents you should take regarding both short and long term stays. It has useful notes on making calls from the US, what sort of payment you should use in New York, the layout and the weather conditions throughout the year!

USA is very much known for it’s love of food and the guide makes sure it has all the top restaurants and diners that you could possibly want for the duration of your stay. I loved going to the diners in NYC because they just oozed American culture and it’s that typical setting you see in all those cheesy Hollywood movies. It covers customs and etiquette from walking on the sidewalks, to elevator rules. For example, the buildings in New York are so tall that there’s more levels to a building than most city buildings have. Therefore, it’s etiquette for you to walk a flight up or down to your floor. So for example if you were on the 23rd floor, you’d want to get off either a couple of levels before or after and walk the rest. How strange right? But it makes sense.

Tipping is obviously one of those issues a lot of people are unsure about but the guide says that it’s mandatory to tip around 15-20%. This is only because most employees working in restaurants etc, are earning minimal wage that relies on the kindness of tips. There is so much information that you wouldn’t necessarily think about but it covers it all.

The guide includes the top spots to visit and that make NYC iconic, it’s restaurants, attractions and even key dates for parades and important events during the year of 2016. My friend Hannah is planning on going to New York this year so I’m definitely going to give this to her to use both before and on her trip!

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